Lazarus dungeon final boss rework

The final boss of the Lazarus expedition is too easy. Players essentially have to spam left click throughout the entirety of the fight; while only paying attention to one or two mechanics.

I have a potential solution to make it more interesting.

  1. Introduce a second phase of the bossfight (similar to second phase of Starstone final boss)

  2. Second phase, boss can come out of the water and fight us in an open area. To attack him, we have to dodge and attack his feet or take enormous damage.


Or better yet. Bring back the real laser. Back then it was a challenge to keep people alive as healer. Now I can do it with 5 focus.


honestly the lower level dungeons are far superior, specially the boss where your entire team has to dodge to evade the stomp

they need to add mechanics to boss not just make them stronger and tankier.


thats starstone

*Angry Chardis noises *

Chardis could use some tuning, previous changes made him easier than I’d like. I appreciate the feedback on the difficulty!


Yeah and please not only buff his HP but make the fight more exciting. It is so boring to stand in front of this wall of a mob and hammer it down for 5-10 minutes while spamming left click.


Probably don’t need to buff his HP given how long it takes to kill him just make it more interactive so it’s not standing still attacking.


He looks cool, the environment is really nice and immersive. The boss design just isn’t at the same level. He could really use a second phase. That would make it standout more and im sure players would enjoy it.

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best solution is just delete chardis and remake a new boss with complete new mechanics.

also makes ur nickname a relic, so it looks better


I believe his laser could use a buff as currently as a healer, I have to do little to no healing. Second, the safe spots in the arena kill a lot of the possible threat sources. Finally, a quick lazy way to add some spice would be to have a few spawns here and there, or if you want to not do a quick lazy patch, a basic unique stone-esque spawn minion or two that fires a smaller laser/orb could work.

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I’d like to just be able to do the dungeon freely. Paying 2k to play with a pick up group that may or may not accrue another 2k in repair cost for crap drops kind of sucks.


Im sorry to tell you that it will be worse next patch since corrupted lodestone, cissels and the rest of it will be sellable

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2k repair cost? You have lost ALL legitimacy.

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Yes please.
Challenging Mechanics are AWESOME.
Boring fights are just boring.

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Adding damage meters would increase the enjoyment of fights like these. I love competing against myself to eek out more damage than the last attempt or try different abilities / weapons. The boss fight could be more punishing, but for me, damage meters would add a level of depth to this game that I currently yearn for.

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Chardis has a couple of problems

  1. The fight is 90% a lmb frenzy for everyone.

  2. the hitboxes on the hands are crazy weird/the perspective to try and dodge it is strange, leading to 3)

  3. the best spot is right in front of the boss, you dodge the rolling hands, you can sidestep the sweeping arms, and dodge the push back. If you fail the push it doesn’t do very much either.

  4. the last phase is a healer check, which is cool, but since healing doesn’t require very much work, it’s just spam your single target ability/occasional sacred ground.


  1. Make different parts of Chardis destructable, so you need to aim different components to stop different attacks/make the boss change targets.

2a) put clear targeting outlines on the ground (like the final Genesis Boss has on the boulder drop) so you can see the path the arms are going to take and move into the lines) or

2b) change the hitboxes on the arms so I don’t have to move my camera at weird angles

3a) make the front of the boss punishing to stand in/punish the party for staying in one spot for too long.

3b) Either have a hand swoop down and grab the party and throw them into the damage field, (so it’s bad if you are all together)

3c) or encourage the party to stand in different spots (like if you run to the Orb repository, you get a damage buff, kind of like how you have to run around in Cilla to remove her buffs).

  1. give the party multiple things to attack. Tying all the suggestions together, if you have the head being unreachable from being underneath, and you can damage the Lazer by breaking the GRIT on it or smacking it a bunch to destroy it temporarily, this will mean someone has to move. Maybe you could have the elbows/shoulders of Chardis be on the edge of the field at different times, to encourage DPS to move and attack them.

  2. potential concern: moving around a lot hurts the melee DPS the most, so there should still be potential for 1-2 people to stand at the centre of Chardis and wail on Him?Her?Them?. If people have to move to the sides of the arena, then the AoE fields will have to be changed.

  3. fight may lack visual clarity

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Hey there. Last phase as it is never been a healer check because we never get to it. He only does 1 laser for our group and I heal (if I can even say healing) with my VG while attacking with the rest using my blade + buffing them.

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Or a better idea is… GETTING RID OF THE STUPID ORBS THAT WE’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU, DEVELOPERS, FOR THE PAST SEVERAL MONTHS! People are leaving at a massive rate because yall turn this promising game into a grindfest… a crafting simulator that takes forever to level up with the current patch.

Maybe we should wait how streng he is in mutation 10 and than give Feedback.

If we bosst him now maybe He will be too streng at 10

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Give him some of that “last boss” feeling. Make him slam the ground and rocks fall from the ceiling.

Give the side orbs windows of vulnerability ( add a faster somewhere in the room that needs to die for the orbs to go vulnerable).

Increase the laser damage and lower the tick period so people need (and can) juggle it if needed.

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