Lazarus final boss laser phase BUG

I am considering this a bug because we had no mention of it in patch notes.

Why is the lazarus final boss laser doing around 30% of it’s previous damage?
It used to be a challenge for me as healer, now i barely need to leave void gauntlet. Is this the “challenging” last dungeon you envisioned? you can outheal the laser with 150 FOC atm.

How do we tell good healers from bad healers in PvE like this?


i can upload a video of the actual damage (200 per tick or so) and i am sure it was almost 1000 before.

come on, i can’t be the only one who noticed this…

Did you have Tether on him to weaken him?

doesn’t matter tbh, i have done with tether and without. Both times it’s significantly less damage

I mean… it does matter, because Tether weakens the boss lol… But if you mean that it does a lot less damage than he should even with a tether, that would make sense.

it does matter, it weakens the boss.

It does NOT matter regarding if the laser was ninja nerfed or not because the amount you weaken for in no way is enough for the total damage decrease.

That’s what i meant by “doesn’t matter tbh”
If we were getting hit by 500 per tick it would explain it, but it’s 200ish…

That’s what I meant, If it was reduced due to the tether weakening that would be ok, but I do not believe the tether would get it as low as 200 per tick from 1,000 that’s 80% Reduction in dmg.

Tether I believe is only 20%

yea, it is.
But am i the only one that feels like the laser doesn’t hurt at all? or has it bugged 3 times in a row for me?

Havent done Laz in a week or so.

yeah, just wanted some other feedback

Yes noticed it, it tickles a bit now. As a tank it also does not count as blocking so the “one with the shield” weapon talent does not work anymore either. You can no longer spam defiance stance.

so it seems they corrected the damage to not count as blocking and reduced its overall damage to compensate.

“tickles” is a nice way to describe it.
If it wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes it’s a bug for me.

I noticed it too… the boss is really easy now

My first goal was to see wether I was the only one.
My second goal is understanding what happened. That will require a dev answer though…

i guess the more important post complaining about complainers take precedence. tyvm for your contributions

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