Laziest design ever made for an event (my opinion about rabbits event)

Attach the so wanted reward (chest) to luck was the worst mistake ever made by the devs. Seems more like a lazy design.

Its boring, frustrating and far beyond unfair. Some get on 3… others by 10 rabbits… on the other side, people wasting hours, not to say DAYS, farming 2k, 3k… 6k of rabbits trying to get that sh… chest.

It’s still on time to redo that, come on.

Solution: put a fixed number(500… 1000… 2000… 10000). But dont let that number on RNG.

Im feeling like a fool right now, after almost two thousand kills dont get my reward.

Obs: full luck gear.


I was coming here to basically make this same post. The most lazy and annoying event they have done yet. Today will mark the first day since release I haven’t played over this BS.


Its the worst desing ever made. Never, i say never play such a fool event. Sorry devs for my words. But its like i feel right know after been playing for 6 hours todas and still no chest… Fool. Thats the Word.


I feel like the content can be ignored fairly easily and it’s absolutely NOTHING to rage about, but I agree they didn’t have to make the storage chest the equivalent of a legendary trophy mat like PA tools.

It could’ve been a set number of rabbits or even buy it with rabbit feet from some hidden Easter bunny somewhere and he thanks you for killing the corrupted rabbits.


Completely agree. It’s very frustrating. It’s an event, not a raid, and everyone should have a chance at getting the chest. After 1k + rabbits killed, I can’t calculate the hours. But I know I wouldn’t have been able to kill that many if it wasn’t spring break, and I still don’t have a chest. If this is what NW has in store for future ‘events’, they are going to lose a lot more players. Events should be bringing people back, not frustrating the people currently playing.


Not going to lie. I was hoping to log in and see my entire server getting curbstomped by a giant Rabbit channeling his inner Thorpe.


They could simple make the rabbits drop tokens, that we could exchange for the chest. But no. Its just unfair that some people get it withing 3 kills, and I have +3000, at this point I just give up, I don’t expect much from AGS.


The most disappointing part is that the damn rabbits aren’t rabid or something evilish…

The event is basically, log on, kill rabbits, and then log off… seriously? Not even like a vampiric Buniculla rabbit the spawns at specific thresholds and kills all that oppose it?

Sorry, this event was weak sauce


@viniciusro Sorry you are not enjoying the event. Thank you for offering feedback regarding what changes you would like to see in future events. I will share your idea with the team.


I wouldn’t say lazy. Those rabbits work hard at whatever it is they’re doing.

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I don’t understand this, Im at 1500 rabbits no chest and never in a million years would I make a post crying about RNG in a video game. Entitlement is strong on these forums.

Maybe next time they will just skip an event and just put a super special reward in your bag for you.

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If you’re so mad about RNG in this game yet still go ahead and spend hours killing rabbits for that sweet luck roll - may I suggest a therapist? Or perhaps a different game for the sake of your mental health.

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damn dont yall know how rng works? yall are trying to hard for an item that will only glitch out because of the housing item glitch. No matter how much theyve said theyve fixed it. how many other glitchs how return everytime they update or add new content?
Any way the moment yall try to stop getting this chest is the moment you get it because rng is an asshole. just dont try so hard. yeah i know this post sounds crazy but thats rng for ya

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its okay for me to kill 2000 or 3000 rabbits. the thing that kills it is the hope thats shrinking after killing rabbits of such numbers.
add a limit to it, that says, theres a chance it drops earlier, but a 100% chance to drop at 2000 rabbits or whatsoever. that would be fair enough.

but thinking that the chance of a drop now is just the same as 1000 rabbits before, gives me headaches.


Sorry if i hurt your feelings with my post… come here baby… a give you a hug. Let’s go together to the therapist :heart:

Here in Brazil we have one quote, it says: “Quem não chora, não mama”.

RNG in one event of this kind, with so short window, it’s a bad joke. There is no equity. This kind of (whining) feedback maybe can touch Dev’s heart (sarcasm).

Sorry about my mood. But my RMG (Random mood generator) got upset status.

Event is kinda boring Execpt gypsum I totally ignore it, for me chests are not worth particitpating it gives me nothing and this 2k space in storage with normal chests is enough.

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Maybe Brazil has a different definition for “equity” than the rest of the world, but nothing in a video game represents “equity.”


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eq·​ui·​ty | \ ˈe-kwə-tē \

plural equities

Definition of equity

1a**:** justice according to natural law or rightspecifically : freedom from bias or favoritism

b**:** something that is equitable

2a**:** the money value of a property or of an interest in a property in excess of claims or liens against it

b**:** the common stock of a corporation

c**:** a risk interest or ownership right in property

d**:** a right, claim, or interest existing or valid in equity

3a**:** a system of law originating in the English chancery and comprising a settled and formal body of legal and procedural rules and doctrines that supplement, aid, or override common and statute law and are designed to protect rights and enforce duties fixed by substantive law

b**:** trial or remedial justice under or by the rules and doctrines of equity

c**:** a body of legal doctrines and rules developed to enlarge, supplement, or override a narrow rigid system of law

Your RMG seems to be broken and messing your words up.

Luck gear dont work on number if items u drop or when you will get exactly current item, as I checked luck only increase chance for legendary items. Why is so important for you to drop this chest that you must do it in few days of this small event and wasting for this few hours per day ? If u really need you can probably just buy from TP.

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In love with your erudition (google it also). Come on gimme a hug also my fellow… :hugs:

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Oh you are one of those who dont like to be corrected or educated.

Not in love with anything just trying to help out a fellow NW player so they dont look like an idiot in the future.