Laziest design ever made for an event (my opinion about rabbits event)

You people keep crying because someone gets it before you lmao. Take a look at wow people still farming the same mounts year after year, some people get the mounts pretty quick.

The event is just somthing small but this has cause alot of pvp interactions which has been fun. Stop wanting everything given to you, stop cryin like a bunch of children.

I havent gotten the chest yet either so not like i am only sayin this cause i already got it

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Just the fact that there’s a chance (however small it is) that you’ll participate in an entire event and walk away from it without your reward is a misconception!

There is nothing to be discussed here, as the name itself says “Reward”. In other words, recognition for their actions. So you deserve it or you don’t - simple as that.

But you would make a post about how you wouldn’t post about a horrible rng? Your priorities are out of whack. Make better use of your time instead of trying to virtue signal to a cause that has no cause. This was an “event”. It excluded those under 60. It gives a rng reward that looks like it could be over 20k rabbit kills for some people to get, and it gives a way to give gypsum, but takes away another way to get gypsum. It’s a pretty poor event. If it bothers you that others voice their opinions on a video game, perhaps rethink your purpose.

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that even is like a spit on players face, makes a fools from them, i am done, after 2000 didnt got it, time to take a break from this game, thank you really a lot of such “events” would be better without this crap


That is your opinion. And I respect It. Dont discuss. But our point of view its diferent and we express It in this foro. A feedback forum. We give our feedback. Respect us. If you want expend hours killing rabbits when others do un five minutes its your decision. But if you dont have your chest the 25 remember your own words. Its the good, the great rng sistem if this event. Good hunt.

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I responded to a thread, I don’t need your permission to do that.

So you are crying about my priorities than you go on to virtue signal because you didn’t like my post, thats cool.

You obviously need to take your own advice here pal. Better luck next time.

Thanks for the feedback, nothing to be sorry its just a game and I enjoy it, I just don’t want spend hours doing the same and the same :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if I would call the design lazy, but it’s definitely not fun. Aren’t events supposed to be fun?

Taking away our coins from harvesting bags isn’t fun. Making us hunt rabbits with a new skin isn’t fun. Having a stupidly rare chest (for some) that we supposedly will somehow farm in two weeks also isn’t fun. Since I think luck is broken, I personally could not care less about the rabbit’s feet.

To all of you who are virtue signaling and trying to justify the easter event…yeah, we’ve heard it. Good for you.

The winter event was very fun and probably one of the best I’ve seen in mmos. It leaves me wondering what happened with this? They don’t have to make a big thing for events each time, but c’mon don’t take stuff away or shuffle it around.

@MinerTarv my input for next time is don’t remove the coins. Make a holiday gypsum. Don’t tie a nice item like the chest to rng with such a short time frame. Thanks for listening.


Anyone else feel that when people say “virtue signaling”, they are just virtue signaling?

It’s just you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree, the event is making me waste a ton of time that I could be doing something else


Not a waste at all. I always need sumptuous rabbit for 40 con food and this event got me a ton of it.

“…the event is making me…” might be one of the saddest things i’ve every read in any gaming forum.

Hmm, I don’t understand why anybody’s is grinding so hard for this chest. It’s capacity is only 50 more than the Golden Steel Storage chest, which costs “only” 3.3k on my server (Evonium). Three expedition runs and you can afford one.

If it’s only about the special design, go for it then.

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Just buy a gold chest or cursed chest for 5000 gold. Its quicker.

You’re conflating an opinion about the poor design of this event and you virtue signaling that you would never post a complaint about RNG. Yours is not an argument. What you did is akin to standing in a line just to complain about how you have to stand in a line. It’s not the same. The people in the line that actually are in line for something, let’s say it’s to buy lettuce, may have a valid opinion and complaint about how long the line is for lettuce. You, as someone who doesn’t even want the lettuce, goes and stands in the line and complains about the people complaining about the size of the line. It’s a bit hard to wrap your head around, but it’s circular reasoning that is a logical fallacy. It’s almost like what the phrase “begging the question” actually means.
I hope this helps.

Nothing can help those like you. Long walls of text rambling about nothing all embarrassed cause they got called out. The only virtual signaling going on is from you. Its pretty sad to be honest. Just give up.

Deal with it nobody cares what you have to say or needs your input on how they post.

Good luck.

“virtue signaling” is right up there with “gaslighting” . I blame Doja Cat and Dr. Phil.

You are missing the point, designing the game so heavily around RNG is BAD. AGS should have learned this from other MMOs.

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I took the time to explain to you your mistakes. I understand that you are unable to accept being incorrect, but that is all it was. If you wish to use ad hominem attacks, it only shows your position is weak and you cannot support it. I won’t attack you, but your mistakes are your mistakes. If you think I am incorrect, that is fine by me, but even the basic principals of argumentation you should be able to grasp and understand. Your comments were logical fallacies. You saying “I would never do such a thing.” is virtue signaling. So there’s two things you cannot dispute, as they are completely correct.