Leader Boards has made OPR worse. Change my mind

-0 team balance, war 5 mans vs random solo builds
-0 ranking system, to separate experienced Vets vs gypsum farmers.
-0 team balance, multiple 5 mans coming to to play to win vs random average joes playing for gypsum. (again I don’t care about 5 mans but multiple 5 mans on one team when the other has 0 is complete BS.)
-0 team balance multiple healers on one team vs 0 on the other
-0 ranking system to separate higher skilled players vs lower
-0 team balance
-0 ranking system
-0 team balance
-0 ranking system
did I say 0 ranking system or team balance??
-players padding their stats like, KDA, score, etc that do nothing for the team.

legit made the game worse. the amount of people I’ve heard complain about OPR in the past 2 days is unreal. from people I’ve never heard say anything negative about the game once in almost 6 months of knowing them have complained about OPR rofl. Way to push this terrible patch ahead of something that actually might make the game better and more enjoyable for everyone First. Instead you make the game worse way to go AGS.

Leaderboards completely killed 3v3 and OPR for casuals. People are going to quit like crazy if this continues for a few days… never mind weeks.

People used to be able to solo Q and have competitive matches… NOT possible anymore. There is no fun for solo or casual players getting stomped by egomaniacs afraid to lose so now the only time they Q is when they have a group of solid players and coms.

Maybe if they made separate Q’s for solo and group play that might help… but as it is I guarantee you there will be massive exodus of players… and FAST.

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