Leaderboards and gear inspection for managing wars

Basically, there isn’t much help from the game when it comes to managing/slotting players for wars. This ends up being the difference between winning and losing. The companies/factions that spend the coins they get from owning territories to gear up their players with the best items, know who the best players are to slot, and what role they are playing, end up taking over. Factions/companies that fail to properly find the best players to slot and spend their coins gearing up their players with the best items, fail.

I’ve seen many people quit since i’ve started playing the game simply because the faction they chose to be with and the company they were in, didn’t do any of this. Territories that were won in the beginning of the game were lost and wars after that were repeatedly lost. They would slot in anyone for the wars if they could communicate what weapons they had and wind up with half of them just running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

The game gives the company no way to track or view the performance of their members/players who have signed up for the war. There is no way for the people who sign up for war to indicate what build they are using. There is a lack of voice communication in game for wars, which pushes people to go use Discord to communicate, and you wind up with a few people who won’t/don’t join discord to listen. There’s no leaderboards from OPR to look at to see who might be your top players. You really need to go do a lot of leg work to setup wars if you want to win now and that takes dedication, time, and skills that not everyone has.

I seriously think AGS should look at the aspects of wars and companies/factions taking all the territories because it seems to be a big factor in people throwing in the towel for this game.

A list of ideas:

  • Leaderboards - (Dungeons/Arenas/Wars/OPR/Invasions) - Make it easy for a faction/company to find the A team. You want people to do more dungeons/arenas? Put up a leaderboard.
  • Voice Communication with entire team in wars.
  • Role selection during signups for invasions/wars
  • Character Inspection - inspect a players stats and gear that sign up for war/invasions
  • War records - Keep track of the outcome of the wars.
  • Skill sharing - Who loves to do trust trading? Let the person with the mats craft the item using the other persons stats.
  • Company Skills - Who has 200 Weaponsmithing? Show what players have max skills so other members can easily identify them.

No. The coding for this is too complex.


Do you even code, bro?

Yeah because we need to go from the top 5% participating in the end-game to the top 1%.

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Solid point. But at least let us select our weapons when signing up for wars and invasions.

You can do all of that in Discord… Oh and that is a terrible idea what you’re bringing to the table.

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