Leaderboards OPR Kill Death Ratio should have rewards

One of the hardest things to achieve and hold.

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You want even more muskets?


Hitscan needs to be removed from the game but giving rewards for other things should be a thing.
Why even add K/D if there is no rewards for it.

Because you don’t incentivize things with rewards, that promote bad gameplay habits.

Naw hard pass. Already promotes ranged builds, no other build can compete in this area. This has already made my servers have more Dex cause people for some reason care about this.

It’s made OPR games feel awful, I can only imagine it would be worse if their was a reward for this

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Nice try though.

just being #1 is incentive enough for people to cheese their numbers.

The k/d ratio is pretty pointless imo. Having k/d based on weapon type would be more telling.I primarily play solo melee these days, so my k/d is going to look pretty bad compared to ranged, or even melees with a pocket healer in a premade.

This leaderboards overall are pointless then. Just remove them.

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Ya I agree with this. Almost all the PvP leaderboards are useless.

The PvE boards actually seem solid, No surprise there as AGS’s real focus was the PvE side

Sure. TAke 5 man premade with healer and hatchets and make any KA you wanty. Or rat sh1tfrom max range on musket. No.

Leadeboars should never be added. At least pvp part. Not with current state of pvp and combat in general.

Its been a lot of bows and muskets before leaderboards also. Nothing will change.

Ya agreed. The only way they could have possibly incentivized diversity of builds with leaderboards would have been like a main stat board (ie seperate boards for Dex, strength, int, focus main stat)

At least this way people could grind other builds and be comparable. Right now majority of the categories are going to be in favor of dex

KDR would need to have a minimum number of games to qualify, currently there is none.

As an example, my Fresh Start character is #2 rank for KDR in Arena on my server, but I’ve only played a few games (haven’t died as of yet). I did this truly solo queue as a note, I’m pretty good at the game but also got lucky with easier matchups. I would currently be incentivized to just never play again, hoping the #1 spot plays a game or two and dies, basically sandbagging my KDR until it’s time for the reward.

Same concept can happen in OPR, but you’d need a pre-made or collaboration from your teammates. But even KDR is very easy to cheese without a minimum number of games.

Just force people to play an certain amount of games each week or you drop out from the list.
Lets say you have to play 20 OPR games each week so you stay in leaderboards.

Man idk, I’ve seen Dex users so concerned about the K/D they run from everything, I’ve seen them literally run all the way back into spawn so they can shoot out and pad and avoid any chance of death

Well thats nothing new also. It has been like that also before leaderboards and i mean just let them run…it makes the game easy for your team to win.
Leaderboards like this are just pointless and the rewards right now are trash and not worth the time.
Most categories dont even have rewards … i mean wtf.

All stats except wins and win ratio should not be public in OPR case. It does make game mode worse. While wins would tell player to focus on winning the game - and it would bennefit mode.

While on arena you could use all this stats as public but only if you separate groups from solo players and add machmaking that at least will put both teams with healer or both without one to make games more even.

So you haven’t seen the guys nuke boosting yet? Yeah just takes 1 person with an alt account to let someone kil them over and over and over and over and over. Would just make the game worse, more dex and more exploiters.

You can abuse the whole leaderboard. You are not complaining about the other categories?
You can even win trade OPR with one or two companies and that category has rewards.