Leading First Light

This maybe a silly post, but I just wanted to thank the community of Amenti (EU Server), for the opportunity to run the town of First Light, this past week.

I really do love First Light. :heart: A fully fleshed out area, of beautiful landscapes, amazing content that challenged me at the start and yet, at level sixty, continues to give me content, resources, portals and achievements. Since the Alpha, my love for this town still lingers to this day, months after release.

I wanted to run the town, to try and use my own money, rather than the company I’m with, to offer new players some town board content and to experience what it’s like to lead.

I include this picture of very basic set of books. When I took leadership, I dropped the taxes to it’s very lowest amounts.

In total, I spent about 16,600 just to improve the town and give community some buffs.

As you can see - I only earned 13.5k from the town. (This week, AGS added rents to players, but seemed to forget - company %).

I don’t know how to make the town profitable any further. The income is from very generous players who mostly used the trade market this past week. Despite some changes, despite me spending my own money, I don’t see how I can add more functionality and still have funds enough from taxes. Am I doing something wrong? Are the prices for the upgrades too much?

Win or lose tonight though… I again… just wanted to say - Thank you.

I’ll let you know soon.


Thank you to all those that turned out for the war on both sides, during a busy day with the release of Lost Ark.

Agalar (Syndicate) came out to attack the Marauder town of First Light. They gave a good accounting of themselves and it was a fun war for all involved.

We went with a community feel for the War as we have with the two invasions. It’s a nice change to include Covenant and multiple Marauder companies and we all came together to defend the town and win.

I will continue to improve the town as my own money allows, but it’s my hope, Amentians will continue to visit the town, trade, do some adventures and help our new players, in our seaside home, of First Light.

Thanks to everyone who played tonight. <3


Again, I am truly surprised.


This was donated to help with the upgrades of First Light. Thank you Chexxo.

Amenti Community is truly inspiring and I am thrilled to be part of it.

Thank you once again.

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Love it! Yah know, I think if you play the long game and keep taxes low. People move houses there. Craft there. Use market there. You can really in theory turn a town into a hub.

Definitely the issue is that the population is decreasing and there are not as many new players but definitely think it can be done. Sometimes even advertising in global, because people sometimes just use the hub they are used to without thinking. You can’t fully compete with places with better teleport locations and all that but still exciting to see this in progress.



Community is still amazing on Amenti. We merged with “Glen Cagny” - welcome all.

Still having teething issues with invasions. It’s community based and players have been away on other games, limiting teams. Whilst we won one, we’ve lost two invasions.

I’m still adding my own funds, rather than using companies, but noted again that, company is getting the money from the town, but our glourious leader is away playing Lost Ark.a

Life at First Light (Amenti) is beautiful. The sun is out and people are happily going about their lives. Look forward to seeing new residents and players in the future.

A huge thank you again to Chexxo for his very kind donation. <3

3rd Week -

The company I am with has moved servers. I’m left as rear-guard to help people relocate but sadly now, 30+ people are left behind, due to the new server being locked.

Added to this, the sheer lack of players interested in the invasions / project board missions, has left me trying to complete many of them solo. Now, the next invasion is upon me and I’ve still yet to clear and upgrade what I lost at the last invasion. I can’t seem to push forward without taking two steps back.

Town ran at a loss - but - since company has moved - I am now governer and can finally add what little incoming the town gets for next weeks totals - which should bring me out of the red.

I’m struggling with the town. I made a commitment and I feel l am letting the community down, and, that I will eventually fail in this. I’m not sure what to do currently.

Update as of today.

First Light Taxes on Amenti server (population - 42 - as noted at New World Server Status - New World MMORPG game stats and population - New World Database) are as follows.


Property tax update will happen during next tax cycle.

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