Leap strike and hachet

Why on earth would I not run rapier as a healer unless running dungeons… its legit the only escape tool which is why healers run it. Yes some healers run VG but at that point you run blade on it and you can out heal the damage you take and can kill them. Once Defiy procs you just obliv and they insta die.

isnt leaping strike a kill setup in your own works before? Whats the difference both stun/ root you and they just M1 spam you because its their main damage. Also you dont insta die to M1 spam… idk what squishy setup you are running but fuck rofl if you insta die to M1 you gotta fix your gameplay.

Either bring new arguements or im done rofl. Iv attempted to show you counterplay but apparently you just bring the samething back each time and dont wanna accept there is counter play. Yes in certian points you will die no matter what. Even in a 1v1 I can garentee you, if you are any good as a healer you will out heal the damage of the SNS or Hatchet.

Ofc we dont talk. Sry but if you cant admit that LMB spam is bs then there is no ground to talk lol.

Ground would be if you can admit its stupid and how to make it usable but not stupid. But since you keep beliving its good mechanic, no point to talk any more.

To survive as a healer against the SnS builds all you have to do is bait out the bash and dodge it. It isn’t hard.

You also shouldn’t be getting hit by the full SnS light attack chain. And the hatchet light attacks you don’t even have to dodge you can just move around in circles to evade them.

As for the OP leaping strike is a gap closer nowadays that gives a bit of slow, you can easily dodge to evade it or even dodge straight after you get hit by it.

It is is no way more over powered than other gap closers such as charge, rush, burnout, etc.

Do we nerf all gap closers now?

Pro tip, leaping strike can be blocked also, it doesn’t do alot of stamina dmg.

Alot of whine threads on here are basically l2p issues.

My build really struggles against bruisers and tanks, but I understand the game. And I know that not all builds are equally effective against others. I don’t start whine threads when I literally cannot kill them if they are good players.

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