Leap Strike Buff? aktuelly a NERVE

im a long time Sword and Shield player.
was happy to see the changes for leapstrike and shield rush and cant wait for the announced patch.
Now that its here, its more then disapointed…

Leap Strike is now nealry unusable in wars and OPR:
the moment you take dmg while mid jump, the ability will stop and went on its CD…
further more, the new “aimlock” cant let you jump past the meeles and now its even harder to hit the targets you want to.

Additionally Shieldrush is not bugged, but still a pain to use in PvP, because of the delay at the start of the rush and 0 manoverablity throughout the animation.
the “range buff” of it now akuell displays the dmg range it had before.

thats all adds up to the other, still existing buggs with SnS, like the stats on shield…
pls fix it

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