Leaping Strike Misclassified as a CC Ability

With the PTR patch the devs have said their vision for the combat balance is that CC abilities should be focused on CC and not do as much damage. With this we saw sweeping changes where some abilities have lost their stagger while some abilities have had their damage reduced significantly.

SnS leaping strike is one of these abilities where it has been classified as a cc ability and has lost 50% of its damage. This is a misclassification of the ability consider the stagger on leaping strike is the shortest stagger possible in the game files and it is not possible to combo it with anything. All SnS users I have talked to would much rather keep the damage and then just get rid of the useless stagger all together. Leaping strike should be looked at as the SnS equivalent of relentless rush, which is an engage/execute ability. It is clear that leaping strike is not a cc ability and it is a damage ability by the last perk on the tree which gives bonus damage for targets under 30% health (ie. an execute), this is in line with relentless rush which decreases the cd by 50% if the ability kill someone (ie. an execute). Please revert the leaping strike damage nerf, and remove the stagger component to keep in line with the new combat vision.


Appreciate this feedback about Leaping Strike @obadyahu I will send this on.

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