Leaping strike+shield bash combo is very balanced. with proof

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Looks about the same damage as one grav well and a sundering shockwave on those light users…


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this combo oneshots 200 con heavy armor users in this video. also i dont mind the damage, i mind the tracking on leaping strike and/or the fact that it staggers long enough to guarantee the bash.

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Any stagger guarantees the bash. All staggers are the same length of time.

how many staggers are a 15 meter aimbot

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Aimbot :eyes:. I consider myself extremely good with it, take away the tracking and I’m still going to hit you.

Also it’s 10m. The jump is the same range as leap but the tip of the sword is the actual hitbox so I added a couple m

theres nothing to be good with, if some1 is anywehre on your screen, you cant miss em with it

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That’s simply not true

The biggest problem I see here is the BB lol


cant land any of the oneshot combos without the aimbot stagger+Stun from sns. BB is just one of many secondaries. u can use hammer, spear or hatchet as well and do the same thing

Yeah it’s part of the combo. It’s like trying to do a GA combo without grav well, how many people use IG without ice shower? How many use WH without shockwave. Not many if at all.

So what you are saying is that you can stun, stun, rend, kill just like a lot of other weapon combos.

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The only people that sns + spear/hatchet are killing with a combo are people in light with 100 or less con. So they’re pretty much getting killed by anything anyway if caught.

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Hitting the leaping strike even before the aimbot change wasn’t very hard but it’s extremely no brain now I agree.

The only culprit here is the BB not the SnS.

And even with this damage I still dont think it’s unbalanced. There’s plenty of counters.

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Just pick IG and do the same

It seems to me that the combo does around 2.5k damage, everything else came from blunderbuss, so I wouldn’t say the “op” is the leaping strike + shield bash.

not to mention that using the vortex, in addition to causing more damage to the blunder buss combo, is more efficient.

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