Leave all PvP xp how it is now. Make Arena Worth it. Win or Lose

The majority of the current player bases dissatisfactory comes down to the rate at which you earn pvp xp. The way arenas are now, nobody thinks they are worth doing. Nerfing everything else will not make arenas feel more rewarding.

Now I understand there was a change to make OPR and Arenas more rewarding which was good. However, this also made losing arenas not worth it. Because 9 times out of 10 you will not lose the match in a 2vs3 points. Which means you will not get the max point for loss and makes it feel worthless to do when you lose. Now you are almost forced to run arenas in a premade in order to win more.

Long story short. If you wanted Arenas to be the HOT new content that all the players are excited for. You need to make them the most rewarding for PvP track xp. Ok so there is also an arena cap. Which is not a bad idea all together. However, you need to make each individual match more rewarding. Win or Lose.

Say there is a 20 matches of arena per day cap on reward xp yes? Well make each match at least give 2x the amount per win as it is now and 3x the amount for loss. That would make the max points per loss around 900xp. I’m not sure anymore how much a win is 750xp? If that’s doubled, that’s 1500k xp a win which is just under OPR pvp xp reward amount currently. So OPR being longer will still give more PvP xp as it should, however arenas will also feel very rewarding.

Because there is a cap on arenas right now, no one can really abuse the amount of arenas they run. So what gives? Why make arenas feel so pointless??? That is the main reason why players are finding alternative ways to level PvP xp and in turn “abusing” mechanics already in the game (the GC quest) to achieve a faster grind.

Arenas need to feel more rewarding, whether you win or lose. Plain and simple. Right now they just don’t.

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