Leaving - No you cant have my stuff

After 545 hours … the latest PTR and datamine are it for me.



Adios my man

Thanks for letting us know.

but can I has your stuff?

I think many are right on the edge with you Brandon.

Every time I see someone foolishly wave goodbye for a little self-attention or attempt the childish decade old overused ‘can I have you stuff’, I think of all the past dead games where people foolishly waved goodbye right up until they bitched about no longer having a game to play as it was dead.

Anyone that actually enjoys this game and wants to see it succeed should not take pleasure in another player leaving when the game is already hemorrhaging players.

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did you mean Deuces? IR confused as to what Douces is…

In any case Im here to cheer for you

Let’s Go Brandon!!!

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I was on the edge until AGS pushed me off the cliff lol .

Cheers mate! Im right there with you.

I can only speak for myself but I think most of the changes by AGS are good except this one:

“This means if your War Hammer Expertise is 520, and you equip a 550 Gear Score War Hammer, the weapon’s effective Gear Score will be reduced to 520.”

This is the final straw in a series of blunders in this game. Totally invalidating my time and experience as a crafter. I purposefully avoided and despised the HWM system of zerg chest farms and chose to be a crafter. Games not fun with 2 crafter nerfs for November and December.

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Can you be more specific? I really enjoy reading “I quit and here is why” but you need to be more specific. From my point of view I freaking love the new patch so it’s really interesting when people have the opposite view of whatever topic it is.

I hear you. The conversations I have had with fellow players today that have been teetering on that edge is not good. The conversations that I have had with those that have left to play other games that were thinking of coming back is even worse.

ok ok ok. it is really important that you leave with an act of kindness.

so … can i please has your stuff?

Here my reason why. I want my game to be dynamic I have tried the WM deal no just once but over ten time and every time about 5 min I’m bored. You kill the elite you wait and kill him again. I didn’t grind my WM I bought all mine. I enjoy gathering crafting and selling because the market isn’t always the same. Some days it good to go after one thing the next its something else. I would flag up and pvp along the way. Never doing the same thing over and over again. Gathering and mining have ups and downs but I’m constantly moving doing things. Now AGS is basically telling me that what I did was a waste of time and that my time is worth less than the ones who stand on top of myrk killing the same priest over and over again with 20–30 other people. Because I choose to play and achieved the endgame differently than other so I’m getting punish. Same as crafter those guy probably have it way worst than me. We all paid the same price for the game and honestly if they didn’t want people to do it this way or that way then it shouldn’t be allowed in the first place. The one thing i hate most in life is bait and switch.

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I can’t? You don’t need it.

it’s a game little fella. you aren’t being punished… you choose to spend your time playing a video game. a worthless pursuit. how is it that if the mechanics of said game change you interpret it as punishment?

i r confussed

You sure I can’t have your stuff?



I asked first!

And second!

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you what blows? i had no intention of leaving. was not even on the fence. i like the game a lot. this gypsum and expertise just completely kills game for me.

um… what?

Burn this game with fire, and put it out of its misery.
I just come here for a laugh.
I can’t imagine what is actually happening in this game at this point :rofl:

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me too!!