Left Company where gold is

Accidentally left my company where I stored some of my gold. I was the only one in there. Would it be possible to rejoin that company?

Were you the only member?



Well that’s unlucky lol

Well, the thing is it may not be gone, but there’s no one in the company to invite you back.

Reached out to support. Here’s to hoping I don’t lose out on that gold lol.

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I mean abusing the company system to store coins …
Hmm shouldnt get back anything lol

It’s a perfectly allowed thing to do.

Unlucky, they just replied back. It’s gone forever :frowning:

Dang sorry bout that.

What exactly is the abuse here? Is having a 1man company hurting you in any way?
Its not the players fault that gold cap is 500k meanwhile the economy is so screwed that items can go for 3million gold.