Left-handed and Music

I just returned, so the last thread is closed.

Did anyone that works on the DEV team consider left-handed players don’t use WASD? I know the right-handed world believes we should just suck it up and adjust.

Well let’s bind ALL keys to the number pad and the right side and let them adjust. We have to adjust with our mouse, and rebind to use our right hand, but we should just learn to play right-handed because some dude on a forum says so?

Telling us to just learn it is the lamest argument I’ve encountered!

NOT considering left-handed players is par for the course. I so badly want to play and like this game, but things like this… IDK. Glad I found out before dropping $$ on cosmetics.


Hello and welcome back.

We appreciate your feedback and I will forward your idea to the Dev team to review.

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