Left in the Dark

Can we get like a little update, or like a window on when things are going to be fixed… I don’t care if its an estimate… I don’t even care if they are off by a little and have too keep updating us on if its going to take a little longer or not. I just feel like we are constantly left in the dark with these types of issues. I’m more than understanding that these things happen. I get it. but I don’t want to have to keep reopening tabs and looking at other sources like twitter to see if they have said anything at all. Sometime we wait 6+ hours to even get a small update that doesn’t even give us any details… Am I asking too much?


they usually do update us, they might not be getting any closer to fixing the issue so no point flooding with “nothing new yet” announcements

I get your point. but I would love that though, at least like every few hours… at this point, its been 6+ hours with no word…

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AGS doesn’t have anything to fix. there is no connection to the data center. Its a totally separate entity in Virginia on the East coast. It hosts Multiple Services so Nw and many other major sites are at its mercy atm and down at the moment and have been for hours.

Then why is there 1 US East server that’s up and people are on it?

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depends on the backup hosting server, use to look after one of the really big book selling sites, when it would go down the back up host would kick in thus allowing for minimal down time in case of a server failure.

depends if AGS or the server hosting company have this in place, which they should.

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oh you mean like this?

he’s asking for updates after this one as it was 8 hours without an update.

yes. like that one. maybe even more detail. maybe even add like a time frame, when things are planned to be back. after reading that(over 10 hours ago atm) I still feel in the dark on when I can expect to return. And reading through that post, it seems to be more than just US east has problems. A lot of other servers and people are effected in lots of ways.

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