Legendary crafting in 1.06

I have dedicated myself to Arcana crafting and altho I as I am sure many others think its unacceptable that Legendary crafting materials namely: Ice Crystal Core, Fire crystal Core and Life Crystal Core are not present in the current version nor in the upcoming 1.06 (PTR and November Balance Changes).

For anyone unaware, this patch introduces the `Void Gauntlet´ into the game. A weapon I am happy to see make its appearance but will ultimatly be also impossible to craft above Orichalcum tier given they haven´t fixed the droptable or whatever for those necessary legendary crafting components. As far I know every other weapon has its respective drop from the [Splintered Bow] to the [Serpentine Handguard].

They NEED to be added, why show us they exist in the first place but not even give us the most miniscule chance to find and craft those.
This is a cry for attention for everyone that wanted to craft end-game lvl weapons. Amazon games studio has to recognize this.

PS: While researching the other weapons I realized that this not only effects Arcana crafting but every Legendary currently in the game. The rapier has its sepentine handguard but not its edged handguard, bow is missing its string but has its splintered bow.

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To be honest they really don’t care. I have asked and asked but still no response. Pretty sad tbh

by the time those items even become available for drops there gonna be obsolete by 600 GS drops from HWM system :frowning:

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