Legendary drops, Bug?

Hello, so! I was just checking to see how the drops/luck works. I’ve been spamming dungeons ( Gen / Laz / Tempest ) and for some reason i barely recieve any legendary drops. I’ve tried running full luck, (Voidbent / Throphies nd monstrous turkey) nd my normal dps build (no luck) and haven’t yet to notice a difference in drops. Is there like a known bug or is it meant to be that way. My concern mainly builds of off other people recieveing legendary drops constantly whilst i am not lul.

I’ve been seeing the same thing. I’m convinced that there is something wrong with Luck. I have a feeling it is likely a similar bug to what we are seeing with Housing Storage and a few other issues where instead of providing a positive bonus some combination of items are maybe providing a negative stat instead. I’m just theorizing, but I really think something is broken with Luck.

For example, I have been doing Chest Runs for about 2 months now, every day. In all that time I have received just one item, and that’s the Precision Engineering Tools, everything else has been pretty much green items and a handful of unusable purples. This is with Luck on every Armor item and Jewelry and bags. I have 3 minor luck trophies. I’d have better trophies of course if it were possible to actually find them, but like I said, nothing except the one trophy ingredient has ever dropped.

It should not require this much monotony to gain even just items to get to make Basic Trophies. I don’t mind putting in an effort to achieve things, but this goes beyond reasonable. But perhaps, like you said and I suspect, it could simply be broken for some of us.


Ya i find it really weird all nd all, i am literally MAXED in loot luck, armor jewelry bags major trophies. I see people recieving nothing below purple but a good 80% of my drops are either green or blue. I heard someone explain luck as in like, the more luck the higher the bottom floor rises, lets say for instance there is a 0/200 roll, if you then max luck you should higher that floor to lets say 100/200 excluding those lower tier droops and only being able to get those higher 100 drops. Just something i’ve heard though so no guarantees what am stating is actually true.

nope not bugged
u want legend ?
go mut 10 xD

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You’re right, but the numbers ingame are outrageous. Full luck cap is 50%. In the game it means that you raise de floor by 5000 out 100000. But guess what: low drop chances are something about 100~200 (im just guessing). Summarizing: luck gear atm is almost irrelevant.

Ags, change my mind.

There is no Mutation of Tempest, as of now.

Besides, you shouldn’t have to do an M10 just to get an underwhelming legendary.

Luck doesn’t affect whether items drop at 600. Basically increases your chances of getting named items. You’re more likely to get named items, but they won’t necessarily drop at 600.

Read more about it here: [Dev Blog] Luck FAQ

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