Legendary Fish Problems

Ok I have two legendary fish named Aquanaja and Horned-tooth Mandje. The description says “A very rare, legendary creature of the sea. Can be used in combination with other legendary fish to create the ultimate fishing trophy”. I’m trying to figure out how to make the legendary peacocking wall mounted fish for my homes. All the info I’m finding is to salvage them. But these legendary fish do not give me the option to salvage. I only get options to discard and link to chat. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Only a few different fish can be made into house decorations, you will have the option to salvage it into a taxidermy mount on those. You’ll have to search which ones they are as I can’t remember all their weird names.

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This great fishing guide lists all the fish and what you can use them for. A complete guide to Fishing in New World

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Thanks for the info fellow NW players it Helped me out a bunch. :100: :hugs: :relieved:

Blue-Winged Serpe, Horn-Toothed Mandje, Aquanaja, Mandje Mandje, Glowing Guardfish : no purpose whatsoever (unless you’re really desperate for fish bait or basic food). There is no “ultimate fishing trophy”.

Egede Serpe, Varanus Mandje, Blue-blooded Barb, Daemonaja: can be salvaged for the “taxidermied” versions that can be used as wall mounted decorations. The Blue-blooded Barb decoration is used to craft the basic fishing trophy. The Daemonaja decoration is used to craft the major fishing trophy. Fishing trophies supposedly don’t actually apply any benefit at the moment, nor do they stack like other trophies even if the bonus was working.

Lava Barb is used to craft Blackened Lava Barb with Corn Succotash (learned from Recipe: Blackened Mandje Mandje with Corn Succotash).

Ray-Finned Barb is used to craft Blackened Ray-Finned Barb with Fondant Potatoes and Barley.

Abaia Serpe is used to craft Steamed Abaia Serpe.

Albenaja is used to craft Fried Albenaja.

Glowing Gnufish is used to craft Roasted Gnufish.

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