Legendary NW player demonstrates why people suck at the game

New World is a modern MMORPG, that’s why these tab target auto combat folks coming from old mmos that hold the players hands struggle is why I think they suck.

But he does a much better job not only explaining it but demonstrating it as well, fighting multiple typical old mmo tab target auto combat games like WoW, GW2…etc players and winning…


Never heard of him so I don’t know about legendary, but it’s very clear AGS is continually trying to cater the game to the mainstream MMO audience. Whenever players struggle, it’s always the game needs to be changed to conform to the players, and rarely if ever the opposite.

Tell an MMO player they can overcome a challenge by killing 10000 skeletons? That’s fine.

Tell an MMO player they need to perform better? Unthinkable.


well, they tweaked Mutations up. You need more skill now to make it a good run.

Praise the sun.

This is one of my favorite videos to share on the subject.

Solaire the Sun Bro - Git Gud - YouTube


Jolly good cooperation.

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I mean, isn’t it obvious? The video is good, but your post seems more of a bait than anything.

That’s like a pro beating a newbie and then you’re using it as an example on why those newbies sucks because they don’t know how to play against the pro. Or even play as the pro.

It seems you have something against the old mmos but they each have their own system of fighting with it’s own pros and cons. They have their own pro players too and if you and I specifically mean YOU sense you seem to feel like you’re above those old mmo players go pvp with the pros in those games, I’m 100% sure you will definitely suck too.

All in all, just like any game, there are it’s own pro/skilled players that no matter what they will be able to make the best of their situations. DanzoPVP doesn’t even mentioned anything about other games in his videos nor anything about HOW the people he fought were typical old mmo players lmao.

Good job on taking things out of context and using it to further your own agenda or whatever.


It must be his gear. Right?

Cause I’ve been told time and time again that skill doesn’t matter in this game.


I think you are right, all bad pvp player should leave the game so the 1000 hardcore pvp player can play with themselves.


Breaking News: a single veteran and experienced player is better than a group of newbies.

Who woulda guessed? :expressionless:


Look at the amount of damage each of his hits is doing and the amount of damage each hit he receives does. Not just as damage numbers, but as percentages of the enemy health bar.

Tell me gear wasn’t a major factor.

The problem with the whole skill discussion is people seem to lack the critical thinking and analytical skills to understand and seek out this kind of information.

You’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for a “gotcha!” and I’m viewing the system as a whole. We are not the same.


You are right. That guy had no skill. Those 3 were clearly as good as he was.


Are you saying gear has no incidence at all in pvp? Like, 5x resilient vs no resilient at all?

Don’t be confortablyDumb, Mr. Numb.

You’re over here stuck in Plato’s cave, refusing to come see the light.

Anyways, like I said:

He clearly beating the oants off of noobs.

But he isnt wrong though. All if his assessments are on point


He only got 1 kill? I mean ya they were bad but they probably havent practiced pvp…

Of course it does. But skill matters too. Good gear does not equal good player.

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If you say so. I guess you are “the light”.

I thought this was gonna’ be chongal sniping people in OPR. Much disappointment. Who the fook is this guy and who the hell cares, lol? :laughing:

sad part of that video is that the rapier did way more damage then the ice gauntlet.
Plus for whatever reason, that one person, every time they landed a stun(which was a lot), they rolled away, instead of following up for some reason…

Yeah, he definitely missed most of the shots with IG but definitely the play. IG/rapier the gauntlet is more utility and setup and the rapier is the closer