Legit family share user - didn't get a license

I own a copy of the game on my Steam account. My husband played via family share for about 30-45 minutes the day before they disabled family sharing. He was still in the tutorial zone on the quest where you have to kill and skin boars. He did not get a license for the game and is unable to play as family share is still disabled. His info is as follows

Steam ID: 76561198063458274
Server: Lukomorye
Character Name: CalicoCrew

Please advise.


Hi @kaptnahab,

The developers have taken a look at the cases and are working on it.

Please continue to check this notice out for further updates.

Take care!

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Thanks for the reply, @Hunden! I’ll have hubby keep an eye out for a key, and I’ll update this post when/if we see anything.

This was marked as solved, but that is not the case. My hubby has not yet received a license for the game, even though most other legit family sharers did.

Still waiting for a reply on this. My husband was using family share and has not yet received a license.

I was trapped in your support for over 12 days with this issue , and Steam had to intervene to make things right.

I advise you to recheck with support , and honor what AGS said in the post you linked, since right now you are not and are just sending ppl to a never-ending support limbo.

You didn’t on my case and steam had to save the day.

So Amazon removed a feature from the game , then stated they would make things right by giving access to the game and failed to honor that to several people.

Support repeats “We’r going to fix it in 24-42h” and never does , closes tickets , once even gave me a email response so I could ask steam to activate my family share ( ??? ), it’s obvious they can only try to make a ticket for “technical” and “technical” doesn’t do anything, so they just keep telling people to “wait 24-42h”.

After 12 days of being lied to by AGS support I opened a Steam ticket , they fixed the issue and gave me a copy after 3h of opening their ticket.

So I bet that this user still hasn’t been given any solution to a problem you created, so were is AGS trying to fix this ?

Not a good look on AGS.

Edit : and the mod closes the thread without a valid solution as soon as confronted with reality. after 12 days of denying access to the product and leading a consumer into a “non-solution” and providing no help, as soon as this is pointed out the thread is closed …
Great Customer service…

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