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I have been family sharing with my brother who wanted to play New World but cannot afford the game due to have a lot of things he needs to pay for. He has played almost 100 hours on his account and I have like 400 hours on mine. Is there any way to prove that neither of us do any coin bugs or anything so that our family share can be re-enabled?


Being only 2 people the best option would be to let him create a second character on your own account. He will still loose the 100 hours but you weren’t playing at the same time anyway. So it should be the same. It sucks nonetheless to loose progress

Nah New World was allowing up to 10 accounts to be played simultaneously. It wasn’t following the normal family share rules that Steam had in place. It was going to get removed sooner or later due to this.

They said they were legit. So only one was playing at a given time according to steam rules

  1. Be a bro and buy him the game.
  2. Wait for the update:
    [Notice] Family Sharing Update

This decision was not taken lightly and for players who utilize family sharing for a valid reason, we will update this post with instructions for assistance.

yes we must wait to see what they do for us the legit players! I hope to see some info from them … they have post and we wait for update !!! [Notice] Family Sharing Update

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Players waiting for AMG solution.



When will we get the notice from Steam for ownership for family member? I am an owner of the deluxe edition and my daughter came to visit and made a Steam account so she could play on Family Share. She has a little over 30 hours playing on Family Sharing.

Hello same here and the fact is i can’t buy more than 1 Key in Amazon … it’s limited by 1 by account … but want to play with my wife … then how to do ? i can’t buy it , i can’t share it … lol

Have her make her own steam account and let her buy it. This game is on steam. It does not need to be bought from amazon. In fact even if she bought it on amazon, she would still need a steam account.

An amazon account on the other hand is not needed at all to play the game.

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