Let’s appreciate the devs

Not sure how this will turn out - hopefully positive but was hoping as the new world community that we could all give thank you messages to the devs for their continuous hard work at creating, fixing and extending this game.

After watching a YouTube video which described the pros and cons of new world from its start to now - I realised that they have done a lot of work to get the game to where it is today.

I personally feel that they should get some kind words saying thank you.

I know there is stilll a lot to fix and continuous balancing ect but was hoping we could focus on the positive and just say thanks.


This is very much appreciated! I can promise that the team agrees with you, there is lots to work on!! And they are very hard at work trying to fix, balance and add content. They do enjoy hearing from the players and learning from everyone’s experiences. The forums are a bit rough to get through as there is alot of emotion and passion. They are reading though, along with myself and the other CMs. We’re working hard on going through posts and trying to pinpoint what to bring to the devs so we all can work together to find a resolution.


thank you Devs for working so hard and doing your best to make NW a great game.

now, please be so kind and put back the fun into the game.



100% agree. Thankful that they haven’t given up yet, despite the opposition. Great to see they continue to listen to feedback and the progress they are making on the bugs, looking forward to moving many to fixed on my Trello board.

Keep up the great work team!


Performance has gotten so much better!
I applaud the devs for having to work through this.

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nerfs are all pvp content in this game and killing fun.
cant put it much nicer then this.


yes they love to give it their all…but the all they give needs to come more in line with the folks playing, addressing things pressing, all for new ideas, moving forward, and more content…but when you have very large forum pressence asking for things like certain cosmetic things for a fee (profits for ags)the like of removal of orbs, fixing the 150-200 crafting grind, not enough nodes to go around or multiple people being able to hit a single node to avoid bottlenecking, bots, farm bots, aim bots…and those things not happening or even being mentioned…you start to appreciate far less…

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Shoutout to the @Developer for the latest patch. Fixes a ton of QOL stuff in the game, and quite a few asks.

  • The XP bump for lower level players is a bold move, and a great solution to the stagnant midgame
  • The changes to OPR will be great when it hits the main server
  • A lot of the QOL changes are great

Nope, until they listen to babies crying drama, there is no appreciation.

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I’ll thank them when they fix the basic issues that have stopped me from logging in for months.


As someone who’s been around since Beta 1, the game gotten much, much better. There have been some… road bumps, but all in the game continues to grow and continues to have good, fun moments.

I have my concerns, especially with the direction some aspects of the game are taking but all in all I’m happy to have stuck with NW and hope to see it continue to grow.

The Dev’s, the CMs, and the community are all still learning. Together we can make this a great game.

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I feel sorry for them, seem short-staffed.

Big thanks to the devs for making such a special game. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for NW!

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Thank you devs for all the weapon nerfs that you did since launch! The game has gotten so much better now!
People used to play all kinds of builds and weapons but since you implemented void gauntlet, people enjoy it so much that almost everyone uses it and that is so great! The game feels way more balanced now! Everyone on equal footing since we are all using the same weapon!
I can’t wait and see where the meta will go after you balance the void gauntlet!
Hopefully by then you will implemented great sword and everyone can switch to that. Everyone and their dog will be swinging that thing until the next balance!

The game is great! Keep up the great work! Don’t allow diversity in weapon builds, that would be impractical like rock/paper/scissors and nobody plays that anymore!

You guys shure know how to make a game feel fun!


Great job.

Now lose the f***ing tuning orbs.

In all seriousness, I would love to praise the devs but thus far they have done nothing but put in timegate after timegate after timegate into the game, none of them contributing to a positive playing experience.

Typically, you thank someone for doing something nice for you. I refuse to thank AGS or any of it’s employees for executing the equivalent of a gamer gaslighting campaign on it’s remaining player base.


I’ll give some love to the animators – when the animations are not bugged, there is real weight and impact there. Dodging can feel smooth and fluid, and when you stagger an NPC the reaction is visceral, you feel it. Nice work animators.

They have acknowledged the issues and are probably working harder than we realize to fix stuff. It’s just not as easy as you would hope despite all the armchair game designers on here acting like everything can be fixed in a couple days lol.

Thanks for the hard work and improving communication!

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Ban the bots. The rest of the work you guys are doing is wasted when you let your game be ruined. Thanks in advance!

Thank you guys for being as transparent as possible and involved with the community. It’s a fantastic game, and has lots of room to grow. Keep up the good work!

(bots and orbs are the biggest issue)


The entire team is awesome
An update every week. Love it.

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