Let’s appreciate the devs

Even though, i am about to Take a Break i think the Devs are doing a decent Job ATM, since they kinda Listen to the Community and make the Game More enjoyable for all Players ATM rather then the 0,1 ,% elitists.

It will Just Take few More months i think.
I’m confident, that when i come Back in a few months the Game will be a Lot better.

If your house is built on unstable foundations it will never be perfect.


Sure, I’m appreciative of their work. I haven’t been that into a game for years.

I also appreciate that they brought people like Fox and Will, who are more communicative and engaging than them devs. Too many times it does feel like we’re left alone in here. (I get it they get too much toxicity and so they avoid mingling in here if unnecessary.)

Please make good of your promises and work with us to bring this game to meteoric success.

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Thanks CM for listening.

I’ll thank them when they fix the basic issues that have stopped me from logging in for months.

You said you dont play the game,
And for months you still trash talking in the forum.
I would have permabanned you honestly.
Please @Shadow_Fox address this issue. The forum should not be accessible to people that don’t play the game for months. Those people come inside the forum to trash it and create drama h24 like it’s their job.

Start banning people that actively go against your game and your business.

The forums are a bit rough to get through as there is alot of emotion and passion

This forum is full of drama because a bunch of people that have nothing better to do. They are around 20-30 max and you can recognize their nicknames after a while.

I made a bait post to catch them up and mute them. Now all the forum posts where I go are full of “VIEW 1 HIDDEN REPLY”. It’s the same people, over and over.


I’m glad theres a thread thanking the devs for a change…

Yes there are issues with this game, however, the communication that we get from the devs on this game(pvp especially) is far superior to the game I came from.

So yeah, thanks devs for your efforts.

Also, I hope you all had a good holiday.

A lot of people forget that at the end of the day, this is a game, and the people who work on it have families and lives also. They deserve to take time off also.

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I’m amazed at the amount of stuff AGS has done with the game in just 3 months. The amount of updates, QOL changes, and bug fixes is staggering. I would love to see some of the numbers you guys might track, like how much asmodeum gets crafted in a day or what is the most equipped weapon.

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I don’t think they understand or care how bad it is.

the developers are trying, it’s commendable. But we really need pvp activities like arena/olympiad. Hope they add it soon.
Thanks devs.


Such a shame your opinion has zero relevance and as I haven’t broken any of the conduct rules and I own the game I can hang around and comment as much as I want to in any way I want to and whenever I want to and there’s not a single thing you can do about it.

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Yet, you are still here….

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Where do you go to check on updates and developments with the game?

This is the primary source for what’s going on with NW. This is where I come to see what if any improvements are happening.

This wasn’t the burn you imagined it was going to be,

Not meant to be a burn at all…whatever that is.


The general discussion area of these forums doesnt seem like the ideal place to look for changes to the game.

Actually the 4 other areas of this forum all seem to be a much better place to look for changes.

So why are you here?

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Oh wait you think I need to justify that or that I don’t know where updates are posted?

Sorry, incorrect on both counts.

Not at all. How you spend your time on these forums is clearly your choice.

Hopefully you find the “Improvements” to the game you are looking for….

I’m not hopeful at this point.
I (and others) raised concerns back in the beta regarding combat, gathering, crafting and the sustainability of the player economy. Since launch myself and others have explained issues with territory control (long before they became as bad as they are now) and grinding.

Unfortunately so far they seem to be adding to the grind and separating progression systems from the player economy/tacking them on to the crafting system without really integrating them to just bypass flaws in game systems instead of taking real remedial action.

I’m still checking once a week or so if I’m bored at work. I’m checking less frequently, but still enjoying many of the terrible takes that get posted.

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lasst uns die bots angreifen…Duellanfrage wird automatisch auf ja gesetzt wenn es nicht verneint wird…

I’m 40-something. In the last few years I have been getting back into gaming after having an almost 10 year break (I used to play competitive Tribes 2 a LOT).

I’ve picked up a few early access games over the last few years and got involved in the communities. Forums, Discords, Etc. (Mavericks, Raft, Keo, Scavengers) and I have to say I was shocked at some of the stuff I was seeing from “Fans” of these games. The toxicity levels should come with a bio-hazard warning label!

I know that generally in these situations, its the noisy few that drown out the majority.

However, I don’t think you guys should be getting thanks for putting up with the s**t I’ve seen being spouted around these forums…

YOU SHOUD BE GETTING MOTHERF*****G MEDALS!!! :1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal: :1st_place_medal:

:person_standing: :clap:

I understand the Devs had to move this whole game to another platform a year before release. Considering this, it is a miracle the game runs this smooth and looks so damn good!

Setting Rose Tint glasses aside, every MMO I have ever seen has a rough starting period where all kinds of things break and security protocols are tested. I applaud the New World team for putting in the hours and the passion to fix SO many of our starting issues so quickly while still addressing development of end game and events. Well done!

As a community I hope we can come together and give positive feedback for future changes as the Devs have shown a desire to make this a community experience. This can only work if we support our team and do the extra effort to report bugs and express our experiences in a positive light; suggesting solutions and not just illustrating our issues with whatever game systems.

Amazon has shown they are standing behind this developer to evolve New World from a great game to the best game. I thank the producers, the dev team, the artists, the writers, and those who monitor this forum. Thank you.

The best days are yet to come.

Despite the rough start for the game which i followed really intensely, i decided to buy into the game.

So far i have not been disappointed, the game fills in a niche for me that i very much enjoy from time to time.

That being said, There is things that definitely need improving, and hopefully they don’t completely abandon some systems in favor of more popular ones.

I also being that I have been working on my own indie projects and realize the grand undertaking to making an MMORPG, I have also been a Game Tester in the industry for 9 years.

I also have always expected bots in vast numbers in every game, there are only few exceptions where bots have not run rampant. If the game has popularity, bots will happen.

I wouldn’t consider myself a fan girl for the game as I have been remaining critical of the games mistakes, however, I am very much appreciative of the hard work of the devs and community managers.

I hope none of you take personally the people who voice their concerns viciously, (I know the feeling, being berated anonymously for projects the players deemed clearly wasn’t tested or tested by imbeciles) they don’t really know what goes on behind the scenes and why some things happen.

Everyone who had any part of this project deserves appreciation and i hope that you get the chance to improve the game the way you would like to, I also hope that the devs remain open to the ideas even from the more volatile members of the community.