Let’s appreciate the devs

Are you seriuos?
While I will agree they have done a lot of work and the game (If it was working) is alright right now they do not deserve a thank you.
With every patch they break something including this one where you can not type for 3hr in an MMO where you need to type to organise groups for dungeons etc then there is the storage not working and the trade post not working and that is from the first few minutes of playing the game who knows what else they have broken.

This patch is not the first nor last that they break more than they fix from the start of OPR you can not type in chat after playing it and they cant even fix that.
Imagine having only a few hours to play a game and you log in and you can not chat for 3 hours, I would love to know who thought this was a good way to stop gold sellers:
Person 1"Hey we can stop people selling gold by banning chat for 3hrs"
Person 2 “But what about everyone who plays the game?”
Person 1 “Fkum”

I was banned from the forums for “insulting” the team which I basically said they were unskilled and with every patch, they prove I was right, I have never seen a game that with every patch they break something major.

While you can try and lick their boots you should not give praise to people who do not deserve it they need to earn it and as of yet, the game has gone from bad to worse with every patch hence why more and more people are leaving.


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Yeah yeah. But the fact remains that they are just bugs. They will be hotfixed end of week, so I am not too concerned. Worst case, I stop playing for a few days.

We have no idea how bad the codebase they inherited is, so I don’t mind cutting some slack for the devs (unless there is a duping bug). Its bad design decisions that I hate and will make or break the game.

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i m sorry but i dont appreciate shit they done ! my only advice to them is just leave the company so maybe the new ones can bring the fun back…


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And now something completely different

Every patch day we the players are reminded why we should praise the devs.


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This aged like milk

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