Let me abuse camps to indefinitely attack your fort!

The open world PVP at forts is a joke in my opinion. While there is the occasional fun moments of protecting your territory or some opponents fort in an attempt to contest their territory, it’s absolutely horrendous that people are expected to spend all day defending the fort since any player that loses in their attempt to attack a fort can simply respawn at their camp 5m away from where they were just wiped at the cost of just a few seconds.

Now some players aren’t lunatics and will eventually just give up after getting wiped over and over, but I swear there’s some people out there that are like cockroaches and just keep crawling back no matter how many times they wipe. It’s even worse when you struggle in a close fight and the enemies you just defeated can instantly come back to assist their losing team mates with little to no time between deaths.

Camps should be destructible when flagged for PVP. It can take somewhere between 10-20 hits to destroy a camp and this alone can include another way to counter lunatics that have all the time in the world to burn.

TL;DR do something about camp spawns in PVP please.


She must earn points for each death, or even lose when she dies.

Camps should be 1 time use, destroyed upon respawning and not shareable.

It’s been hell since alpha and still hasn’t been addressed.

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