Let me farm in my backyard ( Post 1 )

So any farming is a great start.

I’ll take backyard, rental farms, faction farms, company farms, or even guerrilla farming where you plant something in an out of the way spot and hope to harvest it before the sneaky hungry hobbits discover it and swipe it.

Make it a slow skill up where after 5k hours you become a Master Gamgee and can grow carrots on concrete and persistent fruit trees that supply anyone with the rare foods that regenerate like cows supply milk.

Make it a life skill that no one can grind out in 3 months and grow bored. Build a game that people look forward to spending a decade playing……

We’ll need that long to clear all the Alpha bugs.

Thanks for the reply and suggestion. We appreciate your feedback! :slight_smile:

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love you. :slight_smile: <3

Thnks for always checkin in with this post.

Preiddeu Farms

No. You want player instanced farms and crafting resource nodes go to WoW. We don’t do that here

I definitely do want instanced farming.

If there is ever a land grab where companies can claim land for housing and farms I will never play again.

I used to play ArcheAge. I loved the farming and animal husbandry. But guilds ruined the game for me.

The guilds grabbed all the land. It was a struggle just to have a small house with a tiny garden.

It drove me to stop playing.

I would love instanced farms that I can buy larger plots. And animal husbandry is something else I want in new world.

Never going to happen

Who decided this?


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Why do you say that? It’s an AWESOME idea that I and MANY other support. Gives us crafters more incentive to get larger houses and grind standing to get them.

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We can gather tier 2 form of herbs from legend, epic seeds.

Yes and do away with territories and get rid of pvp please

I think you miss the point. Im saying if i craft a t5 cooking station and place it in my house. I should be able to use t5. Doesnt matter if settlement is t1…