Let me know when companies no longer steal gold

If you delete this thread and repost it without the screenshot and baseless accusations you probably will get a lot of support, instead of being flamed, getting into arguments, and the negativity snowballing. The only thing sus about that shot is the 100k+ stains which just doesn’t make any sense at all. I mean why would anyone even dupe the cheapest item in the game? Or maybe he just bought a bunch because they were cheap? no idea… the gear is meh for a 60 though. The gold is impressive but not impossible. I made 33k today from selling 10 days worth of asmodeum.

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Toxic PvP players = baseline PvE gear and all of the feathers in the server

The reason the game failed is because of pve

OR, you can join a company thats based around pvp, and help them obtain a territory.

Game has the foundation of a PvP game.

The companies keep it built up. Especially the territories on the outer sides, outside of WW and EF. Taxes aren’t that big of an issue…

Other than the ones that max em out to troll. That needs to be stopped.

IT has been a well known issue. When they started to refund taxes to the territory holding companies, the game, the economy and the gap in the player community went wild. As it was mentioned many times in other threads and postings before. 2 Million gold a week is a massive impact (EF, WW). It lasted until last patch. Another reason for the worse going problem was the fact, that defending is much easier than conquering. The rich could easily equip several builds perfectly. They need not care about money or failed crafting. Thus it was easy for them to take over control over servers.

What many rich company defending players dont get or dont want to be changed is, that no patch, no bugfix will change this issue. Bots make it even worse and despite the banning loads of them, the economy and gap between players and the abusing players cant be cought up. The communities are currupt, the economy too and change is not in sight.

I believe that many players would possibly come back, when we get fresh servers, without cheaters and GMs banning bots ingame. (although many designs and mechanics keep broken).

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Just go play another game. AGS hasn’t taken useful action against cheaters and exploiters since launch. They won’t start now.

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Bro what do you want ? Which Company steal money and how ? Xd And if you sent ghis photo as proof then I must tell you I had more gold when I quitted in december something around gold cap and set for every class (590-600 GS), I have never been in big company I played with my 11 mates from Albion Online.

Yall he’s not honestly saying anyone is cheating, he’s just complaining that a company that has a city gets money from taxes. and is “unfair”

yeah lol the gear is like 15-20k for the full set and the mahogany stain is literally worthless its from leveling furnishing and should all be thrown on the ground

Snowflake. Beat that company if you don’t like it, or you’re gonna cry and quit whenever something don’t go your way ?

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Everyone has this mistaken impression I’m against PvP. I absolutely am not. If that’s the play style you like, I have no problem with it.
I DO have a problem with PvP collecting money from PvE players. Period. I’m not saying you should not get a benefit for controlling cities and forts. I AM saying that Benefit CAN NOT come at the expense of PvE player, or even PvP players who are not part of the dominant company. There is no sane reason for players to collect money from other players. Period. Don’t make town upkeep or upgrades dependent on money, and there is absolutely zero reason for ANY taxes, and you have a much fairer game. Read the internet, read the interviews PcMag and others had with people who quit. It was BECAUSE they were getting raped by overpowered PvP companies, (and bugs/exploits/bots), but the unfair tax system was a bridge too far.

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A few rich players per server are no issue at all (that has no effect to other players), but companies getting refunds from AGS over 2mio each week for months are (WW, EF). This and bots did a huge dmg to NW. AGS doesnt care. Thats fact.

But players, who accept that without standing up in protest, collaborate with the corrupt system.
I wish there will be new servers without currupted players and systems anytime.

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I have the same or even a bit better gear than the dude in the screenshot and about the same coin (bit less at the moment).

And I am not in a territory owning company. I see no issue here?

Also: the pots of mahagony stain he has are from leveling furnishing. My wife leveled to 200 like that too. Looked the same :smiley:
No idea why he does not just discard them…they are worthless.

i agree 100%, but in my case, they actually did steal, and i got stuck on a wrong language server for saying hey, this player x is running a scam, then was labelled toxic.

This needs more context, else no one will understand what you are even talking about.

In real hardcore pvp guilds, people with voidbent are not allowed to join war, lol
Because voidbent is a garbage

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void bent is for farming. That i why he has perls in it.
Probably has a PvP set too. Hopefully

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Nice lie. Having armors with 603 gearscore while its not even 2 months with update :smiley:


havent logged in since december after playing this game religiously.

Sad this game had such potential and they havent fixed the economy problems yet.

No more stealing money from companies and a fresh server and this game would get revived

You need feathers to make arrows.