Let us add modifier key to our keybinds

With the new update there has been added a new way to target party members and this is a very welcomed change. However where am i going to put 5 new key binds without key modifiers. AGS please add this to the game, thanks.

Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3, Alt+4, Alt+5

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For simplicity mate, use F1-F5 and bind fishing to anything else.
Not sure about you guys but combo keys have been somehow unresponsive for me on the game, the self-target specially, so maybe this will backfire.

As for now, F keys are working good, weird thing is that 3rd party member get’s targeted as the 4th when 3rd is out of range, haven’t fully tested yet.

Thank you for the feedback, Empiric. I’ll forward it to the development team for you. I can definitely see how key modifiers would be useful.

lol I literally made a video about this patch, saying "I hope they allow key modifiers for healing because I don’t see how you can have keybinds 1-5 when you already have weapons and skills being bound to them.

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