Let us add & play with friends on different servers

I have friends on different servers. Let me add them to my friends list so we can play OPR and do dungeons together. Give us cross server play please!

you have that already… sort of. it actually takes time to transfer files player avatar data, home ownership, company data, faction data from one server to another. that is why ags offers players to have 2 characters in different servers but cant have them in the same server. well that and for item duplicating reasons.

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That’s not what he is asking and also not the point, you can have 2 characters.
What if he had friends spread out over 4 servers.


Cross server queue content is a very reasonable thing to ask in 2022.

Also 2 characters on same server is possible, I did it.

for games like FFxiv, WOW, and GW2? I thought they were still charging a player for that.

WoW never charged for that, not sure about GW2 and FF14.