Let us buy World Transfer tokens

Hi, I used the free world transfer because half of my server decided to move to Midgard. The server I moved to was full for a bit but then a few days later they all moved to Vega and now I am stuck on a dead server with 170 players online at peak times.

Why isn’t there an option for me to buy a world transfer. How is anyone suppose to enjoy this game when there is nobody to play it with.

Please let me just buy a world transfer. Atleast give players that option.

We are supposed to be getting Regional tokens soon, world tokens are just a prelude of whats to come. Patience

Very hard to have patience when you have transferred twice and the server you moved to dies soon after. If we had the tokens in the shop there’d be a lot less bitching about the game ‘being dead’, we could just move around freely where the numbers are, plus AGS would make money, everyone wins. Theres currently 77 ppl online in Niflheim, merges need to be sorted too and soon.

I love this game, I want it to work and to thrive but there is big issues that need to be addressed atm. The bug fixes are great but I think the server issues are much more important as of now.


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