Let us choose between Walking with inventory OR Combat Gear Switching

As someone that runs a lot of PvE content i can’t count how many times i’ve managed to clutch an encounter because i was able to switch to heavy and carn weapons after the tank died and in the other hand i cant remember the last time being able to walk with my inventory open has been useful for anything other than salvaging while running.

It’s a good feature for people that run portals, elite chests or farm their gathering skills, but for people running dungeons and mutations it feels awful to have to not be able to switch gear mid fight to be able to save a pull from becoming a wipe.

I propose we can choose between the two modes in a city or a shrine like we can with PvP flag so people can have the old system to gear switch if your spells are not on cds, but stay still and for people that prefer the new inventory system can keep using that one.

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