Let us group up with more than 5 people, Why is it like this?

Common, what is the point of this?

The groups can still stay in their groups in the raid frames so healers can still heal their parties, just have them all together in one raid still, so everyone can see where people are and who requires healing n etc so its just a change in how it looks.

This way pin locations can be used as well for all the groups, easy for regroups, meet at new locations n etc.

It makes no sense why you would have it like this?


And what if the reason is specifically to make it harder to organize zergs?

the zerg is still happening though

Sure, but why make it easier?

omg, do any of you against this even play mmos in groups/raid environments???/////////

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Yea. In raids. Like the wars and invasions.

Atleast they should allow healers heal people in other groups… It’s damn annoying to try to heal in pvp.

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