Let us help with bots

I think one think often overlooked with bots is how the trading post doesnt show the name of the player who is selling the item.

To me it makes sense to not only show the name of the seller but colorize the listing by faction.

In thiscway as a player i can see this player has fifteen stacks of this item for sale and i can choose to not support them by not buying their goods.

Same with faction info i can tell if im supporting someone from my faction or not.

I’ve thought about this idea too, but as a friend said, one of the downsides of capitalism is that people won’t care where the materials are sourced from, they just want the materials. Also, from experiences on WoW, people will grief you on the market if they know exactly who is selling what.

Some dont care about bots. Anyone buying gold with rmt for example but anything that makes it harder for them to function is a good thing. I know most of my companies active players would avoid bulk sales from random character names.

As far as greiving you would have to be specific what you think greiving via the trading post would look like.

If you thought you were being grieved you could always report it and youd be able to see a player name to report.

ex. Player A has Con food on the market for sale, and is currently the cheapest offer. Player B dislikes Player A or notices Player A is always trying to sell Con food for money, so Player B undercuts A. A pulls down the food and relists it, Player B does the same. Rinse, Repeat. It gets to the point where Player A doesn’t have enough money as B does and cannot afford to keep relisting and losing gold to the void, and ultimately has to stop. I know on WoW you can’t have monopolies, but I think this is kinda fair game. If players were reporting each other, it was for using botting programs to constantly undercut/relist.

Here’s a community effort to mess with bots:
-gather like 4-5 friends
-while 1 pushes the bot away from the node, other friends build tents around the node.
-if is a player, will try to get around the circumvention and probably, will get mad at you, if is a bot, will try to reach the node just by walking and there will be no denying on the report, so need to get perma ban

In new world the trading fee prohibits this. You lose money canceling your auction. Its not like wow where liat fees are based on sale price.

Also that already happens. People usually liat items below current tp price.

This doesn’t help with bots. If I am playing the market, and you can bet I am, and do. Unless something looks like duped goods IE rabbits etc. I am going to buy and sell in the manner that nets me the most profit.

All this will do is cause more people to be toxic towards anyone who undercuts them. There is already enough complaining in chat about being undercut, without people being personally berated, or attacked for using the TP.

No it doesn’t! Those are peanuts.

As someone that has been at the personal cap for long enough to contribute silly amounts of coin to a company. It’s safe to say I’ll make back ten times what I lose and then some by relisting, sometimes I will cancel an order, but other times depending on the market I will leave it up and simply undercut anyway, most are 1 day trades, and all of them are in the town with the largest trade discounts. You clearly aren’t playing the same game some of us are when it comes to trading.

I also have no desire to hear people scream if I want to drain all the asmo from the market over a 48 hour period to raise the base cost. Nor listen to moaning, if I want to drive the incense market into the dirt to remove potential players in that market. I like the TP as is because nobody can accuse me of taking anything personal. It’s all about my bottom line.

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