Let us know what's in these Ghost/Phantom Patches

Hello Everyone and AGS included!

I’d like to get everyone’s input regarding these Ghost/Phantom patches that AGS has been releasing over the last week.

What is a Ghost or Phantom Patch?

A Ghost patch is an alteration to the game design without giving the playerbase any heads up on the matter.

What have I noticed personally so far that has been changed without any patch notes or notice

  1. Treasure Chests no longer drops gold
  2. Skinning now has diminishing returns on some mobs (First skin 100% amount, second amount and on is about 50% skin received)

Most the time this isn’t a big deal, but I’ve been noticing that AGS has been doing some changes without any patch notes or announcements that could make big differences in the games playthrough.

If you were to take anything out of my post here please take this:

I don’t care that they’ve changed things. I care when they change things and don’t let the community know. This zero communication… Doesn’t go well in the gaming industry

What are your thoughts, do you think we should be kept in the loop?

Is there no communication between the Devs and Community Managers, is this why we don’t have any heads up on these patches?

@Luxendra Your thoughts?

I’m not looking to have people rage or anything on this post. I’m looking for constructive discussion between gamers and staff members.


“We reserve the right to make any changes, at any time, without prior notification to the players”

communication is important.

Personally, I don’t care about getting prior notification. I just want to know about changes period. Before, after, during, whatever. How are we supposed to give meaningful feed back without knowing what has changed?

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They put the patchnotes on the forum and i think also on twiter

I dont think you understand the difference between a hotfix and a patch.

the skinning has never changed. its always been a random number looted.

Communication with the community in this game is one of the worst I’ve seen.

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I never said anything about patches or hotfixes. I said changes. Patches and hotfixes are both changes.

Maybe I should narrow it down cause to be honest I don’t actually care about every single change. I think they should inform us of any change that does or can affect game play or game experience.

Just that most of them are still bugged :slight_smile:

@RazV There has been other changes in game without any patch notes on the forums. Not sure if you’re understanding what we’re talking about.


And this is relevant how?

This is actually a really good example of a phantom change. In this patch they also removed gold from fished treasure chests. That note was not in the patch notes though.

I think those are kind of tests that they are doing for their inside things, i dont think they even want us to know about. As you can see our community is hitting on a huge wall of ignorance from amazon. In any other game we have moderators on forum or staff who answer at questions who offer info… at amazon even the oprators from live support have no clue about the game.

At some point i fell like not even the devs know what they are doing, they are total undecided also, this would be the only explication that nobody from them come with some infos on a regular basis.

Why does this bother you? Who cares? It is just a game. Some of you take this wayyyyyy too seriously.

I always notice this when its brought up. The answer is simple. People take their games very seriosuly indeed. You only have to look at football where people have died because of it.Pretty serious.

On topic though. Changes such as sacred ground no longer stacking is a pretty big change. They have the right o change whatever without notice but please at least tell us about it after. Its also a good advert that you are monitoring and changing stuff on the fly without having us playing something broken waiting for the next patch to release.

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