Let us stack finished PVP-Tracks

Just had a great fight at Windsward Fort. While fighting i completed a PVP-Track. Any further PVP-XP is gone. Do i really need to chose an item when i complete a PVP-Track to earn more PVP-XP while im fighting? Im sad :frowning:


Exp no, salts yes. And it’s not like you are working on the same gate of exp. A lot of games simply give the player a small annular space between point to point of their leveling progression as the level up. It’s more visually appealing rather than the old d&d style total exp ratio
To better explain to be interpreted visually as follows you might see gate
A 0 to 100
B 101 to 120
C 121 to 235
D 236 to …

Your progression bar is simply showing you a where you are in each gate

I don’t know what you talking about. But it’s not fun to interrupt your gameplay to click and continue to earn xp. Imagine you are in a dungeon and reach a new level and have to click a button to get further xp. How can this be fun? It’s just not comfortable .

pardon my missinterpretation…It prompts you to spend at level 1 and 2 but really the only point where you are a obligated to spend or roll over is when you reach the 3rd checkpoint per level. Which is far apart.

You need 10k XP per Track and you get max 1.6k per Kill. So when i am in a big fight the 7th kill doesnt give full xp and all further kills give zero xp till i complete the track. I dont wanna interrupt the fighting to earn more xp.

This example is if i start the fight with a fresh track, but thats often not the case.

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Yes, I often buy stuff mid fight to avoid missing out on PvP exp or if I’m close to leveling I’ll go do a quick quest instead of killing the person right in front of me because I don’t want to put them on a cool down timer. It’s pretty silly what you have to do to maximize your PvP experience.


Careful or they’ll reduce the XP you get per kill just to ensure that you can kill 20 before a level up :smiley:

Thanks for coming to the forums with your feedback Bunga, I will go right ahead and forward this up to the Dev team. Have a great weekend!

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