Let's Beat the Bots

What about an onscreen code that has to be entered routinely whilst playing. Every hour a code appears on screen and you get 30 mins to enter or get kicked? would mean bots get a maximum of 1hr 30 before being kicked.

that sounds awful, i would quit with the bots(i do agree something needs to improve though)


bots wounldn’t quit. it’s easy to beat a captcha for a bot that can farm and fight.
but for me as a player, i get interupted and feel disturbed every few moments and might quit

btw: you end up in the german section ^^

Interesting idea. I don’t think it would bother me much when I’m chopping wood. It does for elite runs.

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The bot programs appear to be far to robust for this to help, I have seen groups of bots, some fighting while one gathers… the only fix for bots is an in games GM that immediately checks out reports.


Great Idea. Imagine you are in a Dungeon or in a PvP-Fight, suddenly everybody freezes, because you need to enter a Code. That Picture would be hillarious.

But, no. I think such a mechanic would cause more Quits by Players than it would harm the Bots.

Interesting way to look at it. I’ve done plenty of both and during them manage to communicate to to a team, advertise items on global chat, get invites to the next dungeon run and even find time to drink a brew. Is having a 30 min window to input a 4 digit code really too much to ask?

So in the middle of a fight I get a pop up window and gotta put in a stupid code that a bot would be able to input and bypass quicker?

Nah that makes no sense.

I’d rather just embrace them to be honest. In what MMORPG have the bots lost? They’re going to “win”. No one is going to effectively stop them. Most likely ever.

All they’re really doing is selling coin. Which at this point, the way you need a ton of coin just to have a remote shot at crafting, or being relevant in this game sounds like a good idea compared to getting lucky by opening chests or running dungeons that you rarely get good drops from.

The best way to beat bots, is to make them irrelevant. And the only way to do that is to make in game currency irrelevant.

And nobody really seems to want to go down that path. People like having an in game market but don’t like the bots that come with it.

Now if we had much better drop rates, and getting gear, materials, potions, etc was easy enough to where the drops for these things weren’t so rare, and we had plenty of resources to farm them on our own… we wouldn’t have a need for coin and bots wouldn’t waste their time in this game.

I really think that’s the only way, unless someone comes up with a rock solid ant-cheat.

Depends on the situation. I would like to see how you would manage all these things while you are in an activity like Wars, PvP or Dungeons. Do you really advertise Items in the Global Chat at the same time you fight a boss?

Sure it would be no problem to do that while you are farming or just staning in Town. Except that it would break the immersion.

There’s never been a time in the game that I can recall when I wouldn’t have time within a 30 min window to input a short code and yes last night I advertised my Asmo CD when auto running to the Greenskeeper in Genesis. I’m not talking about something that blocks your screen and prevents you from doing anything, I’m more thinking a discreet window in the corner that pops up. Maybe 30 mins is too tight a timeline, perhaps within 1 hour?

Just trying to offer some ideas on how to reduce the problem of bots.

Well you should have communicated that earlier ^^ I still don’t think that this is a good solution, but that could be a solution I am willing to live with.

I didn’t communicate it earlier because I hadn’t thought too much about the mechanics of it just wanted to float the idea and see if it could drive some innovation. I don’t want to just embrace bots I would like them to be gone but if I getting them gone is not gonna happen we should still try to make their life difficult :slight_smile:

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This is a horrible idea. As others have said any AI smart enough to fight and harvest is going to be capable of responding to Captcha. This would just be a nuisance for the rest of us.

Having a live team of in-game GMs that could respond to issues in game would easily address this. It doesn’t take a whole lot to observe and identify these BOTs. There are several very obvious signs that can be observed the most obvious of which is running up to nodes that aren’t presently spawned and still triggering attempted interaction even though for a real player we’d have no interface option to interact.

Ok sorry for the horrible idea, yours is best.

the solution are GM that round the map

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The issue I see with GM is resource. Yes I agree it’s no doubt a very good solution to have someone on hand (with experience) to check into everything that gets reported but don’t think that’s a practical business model for them. Its already been called for a lot but doesn’t seem to be happening so I wanted to float some alternatives.

If they put some love on the game would be some good business for them.

Doesnt this game have EAC? Youd think this would be a pretty big black eye for them if they couldnt stop botting.

Though you could programmatically look for bots by tracking coordinates etc. the resources to do so would not be worth the effort, hard to enforce EAC when it just looks like a normal player to a machine.

An in-game player GM is the way to go, player GMs managed Everquest for years, they don’t have to pay GMs, people love doing crap like that.

They put positional data right on the screen so bots don’t even have to run on local computers. It would be pretty hard for EAC to detect software that is running remotely. Remove and encrypt positional data and push EAC to the max. That would set the hard to detect computer vision bots back by miles.