Let's Beat the Bots

It would be easier to just make resource nodes specific to the player.

We dont actually fight each other in world pvp over a node as it is. Half the flagged people I see make no moves to engage anyone, even if they are standing on “their” nodes.

You’d still have to travel to the node and hit it, and that would be enough of you being out of town to enable the rare world pvp, but we wouldn’t have to fight the unflagged bots to even get a chance at collecting the resources.

If we can actually get mats in the world without having to beat the bots to it, it beats them by default. It would devalue their sales, and they’d probably just stop bothering with that method of gold generation because it would take a lot more time for the same return.

They can kill level 20 skeletons all day for the lame people who like buying gold and it wouldnt affect most of us.

Simple, make the nodes random in a 100m radius that resets every hour. They would be in the same area, but not be at the same exact positions.

Reduce the ability to see a resource in the upper of the screen from further than 10m. It would be very difficult for a human, let alone a bot, to farm brainlessly. While a human can see the node from more than 10m, if it has line of sight.

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