Let's decide together where we transfer

Hello New World Community,

With the newly received server change tokens, we came up with the idea of ​​selecting a PVP server that all players who are purely interested in the PVP game can join!

We have come up with a 3-phase plan for this

Step 1: Contacting all Companyleaders on relevant Servers:

We will join every relevant Server and contact the Gouverneurs!

Step 2: We will start a discussion round to claim the target Server!

Step 3: We will call a date to join the targed Server:

Don’t waste your Serverchange Tokens if you want PVP action!

New World PVP Community Join the Discord !!!

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What, you want to do that again? It did not work well last time, did it?

Is is a sign of madness if you repeat the same action, expecting a different result.

At least they are trying to organize before they transfer. Give them some credit for trying a different way this time.

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