Lets do things different with classes in new world


I want to talk to you guys about the future classes intended for development in new world and try to sway your position on some things, specifically about classes and what should come in the future.

Here is a list of classses i think we should see in the future


  • Polearm Class (Pure Strength), should excel at “reaching” melee attacks, but at slightly lower damage rates then melee for its base attacks.
  • Greatsword Strength Primary, dex Secondary. A weapon that specializes in a hybrid concept between rapier and great axe


  • Daggers (Pure dex), with a tree for poisons and high fortifying effects and movement speeds, as well as a stealth tree. Strealth should work fundamentally as a croch type movement, moving at faster speeds while croched and ideally not having life/bars visable to players.
  • Dual Scrimatar. A pure dex weapon, with pure damage build.
  • Pistol. Pure Dex weapon that is rapid and high attack based similar to how lost attack in new world now.


  • Celestial Orb (Pure Intellect), a Mage that specializes in illusionary magic and trickery.
  • Lighting Orb (Pure Intellect), a mage that specializes in Air and lightning tree’s. Air being magic like walls that prevents projectiles and players from taveling like maestrom and provides speed buffs, and lightning with has things like chain lightning (bouncing targets), a high nuke single target (fireball)lightning bolt type spell. It should drain stamina.


  • An Angry earth staff that is specialized in heavy tank, and earth magic. It should have high amounts of sustain and passives that buff its base armor values to something like 2400 armor while in light. Focus primary, Intellect secondary.


  • Light Mage, a fully focus intellect mage that is dedicated to healing with light magic.
  • Morning Star. A Faith primary, strength secondary weapon that specializes in melee damage, and tanking. It should be built in a way that attacks regenerate health through light magic
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If you want, i can spend some time on making some concepts to these classes and how they will work. Let me know

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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lol, i type too fast and i get lazy and dont proof read it on forums. Good catch, very funny.

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