Let's get a head count - Ban extension for dupe

I have 2 friends that are about to get a ban extension with the recent update from @Luxendra that they are extending bans. And this is due to their team being so ungodly slow and negligent to it’s remaining player base; along with their broken patches.

Exactly how many people have you bothered to investigate and unban in the last WEEK? Do you guys have any numbers you can provide to display your efforts and show you guys aren’t just ignoring these people? How many people are going to remain suspended due to your carelessness?

This dupe that was left or put back in game was so easy, any new person could have done this by accident and received a suspension. Do you like punishing your paying customers? You’re selling a product and then removing access to this product because of your incapabilities to provide carefully tested updates, patches, and bug fixes. And you know who pays the price? The people who paid for your game.

What do we have to do to get this process expedited? How do we get to an actual game dev, rather than some outsourced support that keeps putting us in a customer support loop of death. Waiting hours for replies, having emails sent to link us back to the customer support page we ALREADY submitted a report to. This is COMPLETELY unacceptable and just terrible business practice.

Idk, drop a name or say “I” if you were banned due to the most recent or even old dupe exploits that you feel was an accidental or wrongful ban. Can our remaining player base work together to hold them accountable?


They just posted that they’re extending the temporary ban. I guess 2 week is not enough to remove the stuff (if they’re really doing it at all) which I don’t understand how it’s not enough because nobody from AGS care to really explain the steps they are doing right now to remove them. Of course they could’ve just removed the temp ban while they’re cleaning this up because of how many victims got caught in this.

@Luxendra didn’t even say how long the extension is going to be so technically it could be 2 days or 2 months.

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They could always change everyone to permeant ban and be done with it … Great tip next time don’t dupe lmao…


This isn’t even constructive to this post what so ever.

There have been people that have been accidentally banned for dupes, cheats, etc. You still need proof and they have 0. And the dupe was so easy someone could have done it by accident.

Feel free to bring your negative replies elsewhere. We’re trying to be productive and get answers here.


That is a great Answer permanently ban them all for duping . and they do not have to worry about Removing those items from the account and no one would have to wait.,


I know 5 victims since you’re doing a headcount.

I also have a gut feeling that they’re not lifting the ban until the march update drops. They just wont tell us.

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There’s more posts on the forums, it’s just so hard to keep track anymore.

I have 1 friend/company member that is just completely done with the game if he isn’t unbanned. Duped items bought from TP, and this is what he gets?

Game dead if they don’t figure out those bans. Their March update won’t be enough…

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Ur dupe abusers friends (either if they duped or bought duped items to get rich) brought nothing ‘constructive’, nor ‘productive’.
Now playing victim and innocent card simply dont work.

Dupe abusers of both sides should have been permanent banned to end this kind of discussions.

Do u want second chance? Go buy the game again! Next time dont abuse game mechanics for own benefits!


@Luxendra @Luxark banning reasons should not be debated on general chats. BAN debates should be private and made by persons affected.


Good thing you’re not in any sort of power or make any kinds of decisions like this. You’d run out of business quick.

Duped items don’t have a giant title, flag or indication that it’s duped. And it’s been a thing where some people will trade a duped item for free to someone to get them banned.

Broken system is broken, accidental bans are still happening, and it still takes too long to get responses. Accidental bans SHOULDN’T be happening. And then you’d also not have to reply to hundreds of other forum posts similar to mine :wink:


@Luxendra @Luxark

We don’t need specifics on if someone’s ban was deserved or not. We need this process to be thorough and QUICKER.

And you also need to have a valid reason to be banning your players. 1 time is a dupe, they get unbanned, next time its a cheat issue? Clearly your algorithm needs some work.

HELP YOUR PLAYER BASE ALREADY. Your March update is the least of your concerns right now…

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Hey there, I completely hear you and I’ve forwarded this over to our Game Moderation team who is in charge of all in-game moderation actions. Unfortunately, no one on the forums has the ability to investigate these, nor can we publicly discuss individual situations. These conversations happen between the player impacted and the Game Moderation team.

Thank you for your understanding.