Let's Help Devs about the design approach for Cross-Server

I saw the video of Forged in Aeternum regarding the cross server.
You spoke about synchronizing the messages between servers.

Of course is gonna be a mess. Expecially regarding different global chats from different shards. That’s brutal to code and will overload everything.

Why instead is not possible a stand alone approach?

You make a clone of the original character in a separate server that runs only OPR, arena, dungeon whatever. During the match you remove everything. Global chat etc. Inventory locked.

Then the clone send the prizes back to the “original” character after the content is finished. In this way no dupes. You just have to Add the stuff back to it. This for opr and arena.

For dungeons, the same. Make the inventory locked with endless capacity. At the end of the dungeon add the items to the real character. Even if it will get encumbered no big deal. people will destroy, once returning back, the items not needed.

Consumables? Same thing but you remove them.

Make them teleport in front of the deposit when they return from the other server for convenience.

Makes sense?

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That sound more complicate than anything else.

At that point, just create gates we can go throught that “transfer” our character on a cross server world. Disable Trade in that world and done. (For Trophy and city Buff just make the systeme save what he had actif when he cross the gate)

Is it perfect, user friendly , wont cause Any trading exploit…no! But at least it would be fast and would work. 400pop server could finaly Do something other than Wait 56h before a opr start xD

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At that point, just create gates we can go throught that “transfer” our character on a cross server world

As a gate transfer you mean a server specifically made for that? Let’s say a island that you use as lobby and queue directly there. Then you go back at home. This is actually even a easier version of what I was thinking

Its so cool they doing so much communicating now with all of these videos, just wish they were doing this earlier. Feel like I have not even watched the last 3-4 videos now. Little demoralized by this game and their recent decisions/mistakes. But I still will see where it goes and keep following the forums for now at least.

Just going off your post because I didnt watch it but that makes sense to me but I am sure there are many technical reasons why they chose their route versus other options? Just a thought but cannot think of reasons why. Also that is far from my own expertise so smarter people than me probably have the answer there.

I am assuming they are making it so when you play on a cross server that they need to then manage that there will be 2 global chats now from each server to then manage? I imagine since so many games have cross server capabilities that this has been solved many times. I am hoping they are going the route that makes the most sense for future expansion into other modes and limiting bugs/dupes.

YA! And at that point theyre "problem " of the live chat that as to go throught 20 server wouldnt exist , you go to the "Island " and the only chat you have accès is group,army, area of the Island and Dm …

the problem with AGS from my pov is they always want to make everything BIG and from scratch. Most of the Time i feel they dont understand you can look at other MMO and take and reshape There Idea or LEARN from theyre mistake .


I like it, have a server that is just the OPR map with some sort of lobby area ala fortnite where people can exist in while waiting for the OPR queue to pop. no storage, no TP no nothing… just what the character is carrying… no player trading… have a normal chat for this OPR server. and then when the player chooses they can leave the OPR world and transfer back to their home server and carry on as normal… can even have normal OPR still on the home server… more of a case like… oh hey… I queued into OPR on my home server… but its quiet… so let me transfer to the cross world OPR dedicated server and play matches there for an hour or two instead.

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