Let's talk about dailys

I came here to say the exact same thing.



I might go so far as to suggest that they should not only do it at a specific time, but let it stack for however many days/weeks that time goes by. That way, if I’m out of town for a week (say, for the Holidays…) and come back, I’m not a week behind on crafting Asmodeum or farming Elite chests. I know part of the point of MMOs is getting people to log in daily, so maybe limit the stacking or something like that, but right now it feels like you’re almost punished for doing these things.

I’ll give Valorant as an example, though I recognize the games are different. Before, if you missed out on a week, that meant that you were that much less likely to complete your Battlepass and justify the $10/month you spent on it. It felt bad to come back and see those weeklies reset and you lost that XP. When they started letting it stack, suddenly there was this huge incentive when you got back on - “Oh, now I can get TONS of XP by grinding through these 3 weeks of objectives!” which felt way better.

That’s a good idea for valorant because you pay for the battle pass.
But then they are no dailys anymore.
In new world you don’t have to pay for dailys. Just because AGS wants us to play every day (like every other game industry) they would not do that.

Noone is forcing you. Go touch some grass.

I mean daily means once a day weekly obviously means weekly. This is working as intended.

Daily means once a day. Yes. Not once every 24h. Thats the problem many people have. So why can’t we just make dailys be dailys?

Noone is forcing me. Yes. But that’s not what I meant. I meant that (not just me) are forced to watch the time to do dailys.

I have been talking about this with a friend and they should 100% add a reset to the cooldowns. A reset for them would be great

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I’m very happy to read this :100:

having cd on crafting makes the game feel like a job . its not fun… it is so bad …when i stoped doing them i had more fun…
not only that… but it ruins the market and the more we let this cd thing in the game the longer will take for market to recover…
-items that are needed to craft cd stuf are inserted into the economy way faster and in huge ammount…
like you need 10 scarhide and 10 smoldehide… you only use 10 each and rest goes to market … the more people do this the less it cost…
people only need 10 each rest cannot be used… .

  • you have all raw hides… you have refining reagens… you have legendary mats… then a
    24 hour cd… that stops everything .
    this has to be removed or ecomoy drops to 0.01
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I think you see that 24h way more problematic than me, but I absolutely agree that those CD really take away the fun

yep… if you look at the market right now you might denie my opinion… and say things will sell no matter what…
and thats also true. these things sells because the 1% ( people that made it to max gold cap , usually people from guild that own a city and get massive ammount of gold from taxes ) will alwase buy them in bulks when price drops balancing the market… and making them even more gold.
ive seen how the 1% starts buying in bulks the market gets a huge hit and hardly recovers.

A daily reset is better than a personal timer cooldown unless you’re the one guy who always logs in at the wrong time. :slight_smile: But that’s workable.

Personally, I find the DAILY crafting of anything objectionable. (Looting chests and similar things are fine.)

Stacking missed tasks forever might be too much of a good thing, but stacking 7 days’ worth or so might be a good compromise.

Instead of one cooldown per day (or 24 hrs between resets) of a specific task, allow up to 7 per week. It’s the same amount of tasks allowed but less regimented. In actuality it would probably end up with more tasks getting accomplished than on a daily timer because with more flexibility, more players would be able/willing to get the things done. (Everything else in the crafting system is done in batches–I’m sure people would prefer to do a batch of 7.)

On the other hand, having things on a daily timer reduces the number of things that get done overall and that is probably intended.

Yeah, Do a daily Reset, for example, at 2.00 or something Else, so all can go with friends for quest etc.

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when new patch made it to live all prices went up… on everything. the 1 % bought all.
stone blocks were max 0.27 it went up to 0.80 that much they bought.
then they got hit by another wall… limited cashes…3 max per day
this thing made prices drop , hard… they drop so much everything is lower price than before the patch
you can check my topics here 750 + hours feedback long post
My opinion on chat bans and bots

still its not enough tho.at 1 point people will get hit by a time wall so crafting will stop… sells stop… and prices drop…
il never understand the reason of time based crafting… it helps no 1. this shit u find in mobile games.

Mobile games huh? That makes sense. I assume in mobile games you can buy a cool down reduction from the cash shop. Maybe we will get that option soon! :crazy_face:

That’s a nice idea, but I also like the fact that you get awarded, being online daily.

Thats the point! Yes!
And it doesn’t even matter, if you’re online from 0.00 to 5.00 and do the dailys 2 times in 3 hours. The third time will still be at 2.00 in the next day. So it doesn’t lose the title “daily”.

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