Lets talk about the economy

If u can craft all or just max lvl all the profesions, What’s the way to obtain gold on late game when every one have full armor, etc?
Add npcs to sell drops or anything IDK

Even if each player maxed out their own professions, which is unlikely, the economy remains player to player.
The way to obtain gold from other players will be through selling each other (hopefully) exciting rare drops required for interesting crafts, but what what really matters the most is a good gold sink to prevent runaway inflation.

Each player is fed a constant trickle of gold as they play, through killing mobs, participating in instanced content, etc. Though it’s expected, through playing, your personal gold should continually raise. However, if the gold is only moved from player to player and the tariffs and taxes go to the controlling companies, it’s possible not enough gold will be flushed from the system to keep it healthy.

I agree that there needs to be ways to remove massive chunks of gold from the system in order to keep a healthy economy.

You can only buy and upgrade to max tier house so many times, so though a good gold sink earlier on, it will be a drop in the ocean in time.
Gear repair is a helpful gold sink and helps slow the inflation curve a bit.
War, though it costs several thousand to initiate, actually pumps waaaaay more money into the economy than it takes out. Even gathering together the consolation prize gold from the losing team you could easily pay for a max tier warcamp and some.

Effectively, yeah. Players are going to need a system where they can burn their gold out of the system as opposed to it just exchanging hands or there is going to be a bigger issue than players simply being able to craft everything for themselves.

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