Let's talk about the REAL problem: Light armor mobility

Light armor mobility is the true problem with balancing issues in New World.

Any weapon combination with light armor in the hands of someone who can time their dodges properly is practically invulnerable.


The real problem is finding where the historical territory standing points are shown.


Dodge roll getting nerfed next patch so that it will be harder to roll away from people - 20 percent less distance as far as I’m aware.

Iframe duration could be reduced by a bit too tho.


With the +stam runestone, shirking energy and a couple of new mechanics all aligned, spam roll will still be a thing IMO.

Not great, not terrible, just the same but overengineered. So people have to grind a little more to get the same outcomes. For what peeps comment from PTR, the change is not as noticeable as expected, and once you reach the perks/build threshold, you can just shrug off and dodge away like nobody’s business with no penalty.

I dunno man, I don’t like hard nerfs, some tweaks are needed, but AGS goes overboard, overengineers everything, like the root-dodge, and you have to invent new mechanics to counter weird ideas.

It’s hard to find non-biased opinions, so maybe in the next 6 months we get a tweak after AGS uses the telemetry data to mine some useful datasets, but that seems a poor hope, as they acknowledged heavy armor outperforming, and the changes are just meh utility wise, so heavy is for wars mostly as you can’t apply dodging antics, or at least, not that I’ve seen effectively, so heal spam + hard CC is what’s left (for now).


What if they removed all I-frames from the light armor dodge but kept it at a much longer distance. So light armor wearers could still use it to kite opponents but they could no longer use it to dodge through AoE stun attacks and other things. They would need to dodge away early to create enough distance to avoid attacks instead of dodging through them.

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^ I like it. But I don’t think it would ever happen.

My suggestion was to remove i-frames from forward dodges. So if they are running away with their back turned they still get hit, and if they are dodging into you they still get hit. They would have to dodge backwards or sideways to get i-frames. It makes no sense how someone can roll into your attack, and take zero damage.

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That would be horrible. You would have to predict attacks instead of react to them. Horrible idea.

If there isn’t new buffs for damage mitigation to include supports on a better light, this can’t happen.

The combat is designed to either null the damage with iframes, or get healed back to 100%. I think very few niche builds can work out with mitigation for the short burst windows the game offers now, so even with medium full resil 50% fortify you still need a healer or you are toast.

Short iframes seems to be the less-destructive idea, specially with the upcoming weapon massive damage.
Or, like it was already suggested, remove damage bonus. Armor gets back in place for mobility or damage mitigation, not as an extra damage buff with all that’s going on at the same time.

But again, hard nerfs are a pain in the ass, they drive away players; and now it’s light armor turn, previously it was melees, previously heavy healers, so everyone gets the shaft at some point, but in turns, so there’s always a prebuild meta, and the game diversity gets blurred or washed away.

Adjustments have to be done across the board, not 1 by 1, so you let this crap slip thru the cracks and get stale gameplay.

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Skilled players are always the problem. :sweat_smile:


There was a very good thread a while ago on the same subject:

TLDR: Normalise the dodge rolls so that one of them isn’t infinitely more mobile than the rest.

But hey we’re dealing with AGS here, so any sense/logic or good game design is wasted on them.


That is quite literally what most good pvp is… predicting your enemies moves. You wouldn’t even lose the react playstyle because you have the other 2 armor types

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if they use 150dex perk and mobility tools, like rapier/spear. yes, correct

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yea I remember that one, I got stuck the “over-engineered” thing in my head ever since, and it wasn’t wrong.

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What’s sucks is ags forced healers into light and now nerfing it… I’m sure some healers prolly spent over 1mil on bis gear that they be forced to play

I see what you are doing here Skye. You changed into a troll.

You are a sad person.

Iframes are the problem. Completely eliminate iframes. You should either dodge out of the way, or not. The game has sufficiently sophisticated collision detection to manage this.


You’re almost there.

Iframes are a problem currently because AGS doesn’t know how to implement them properly (they’re active throughout ALL the dodge animation without a wind down/recovery phase).

However they’re still essential in this type of combat system and removing them completely would make the combat even worse than it currently is, which really would be something considering the state of it. They need to be tweaked to be in line with other action combat games… you know the ones where the devs actually knew what they were doing.

These nerfs won’t matter in the slightest. The changes only impact the bottom end of the player skill spectrum and leaves the rest entirely untouched, not to mention that even players at the bottom can simply pad the skill difference with perks that are either overperforming, combo too well or shouldn’t be a thing on light weight (shirking fort, freedom, refreshing toast, shirking energy, runestones). Not to mention that dex weapons perform far better than anything else in the game aswell as pairing far better on light armor compared to the rest.

Light armor will continue to be the meta. Iframes need to receive a balance pass aswell as certain perks not being as effective on light armor, such as Freedom, which can completely break the already far-too-difficult-to-land kill conditions on light setups.

They have to put a delay between each dodge that cannot be reduced in any way.