Let's talk about this awful meta

Firstly this topic is open for everyone to share there opinions, secondly I’m an active part of this community and play the game a lot so everything I say here will be factual.

PvP is an absolute shit show right now, OPR is literally unplayable the meta is rapier/bow, rapier presses one button and stuns everyone infront of them for seconds whilst they evade and A LOT of people are using it more and more everyday because of how stupid the mechanic is, there’s no buildup like other stun abilities like shockwave or path of destiny on hammer, you have time you stop them from stunning by dodging etc, on rapier it’s instant.

The meta right now is rapier/bow, ice gauntlet/void gauntlet, void gauntlet has needed a nerf since it come out, nothing has been said about it, ice spikes is way too overtuned, the game is just in a state where you can’t even enjoy PvP and that’s what this game was advertised as, a PvP focused game although you don’t seem to be showing the community that it is…

anyway as you can imagine I’m frustrated due to this and can’t enjoy open world PvP/wars anymore, the only enjoyable PvP aspect is dueling, and I know that a lot of people also feel this way, I suggest you start re-working/making new PvP modes map and balancing weapons more as PvP is the main motivation to play this game for a large majority of your playerbase.

Finally, if anyone else want’s to discuss what they are not enjoying about PvP etc, please comment below and let’s get the devs attention because they can’t ignore this anymore it’s just getting worse and worse.


You didn’t even mention the Spear


Forget about balance, the devs said they think its in a good place right now. The PvP will get nowhere. When Arena releases and they recognize that the game they built has Skyrim like balancing they will just break some mechanics and pull the plug after.

Throwing more time and money at incompetence won’t fix it.

Its gg


HAHA, I apologise you are absolutley correct on that mate, just didn’t wan’t to rant on and on and on and spread negativity, the truth is the devs know what the problems are in PvP but it’s not there priority, they are focusing on PvE and don’t seem to care about PvP merely as much.

that’s the worrying thing, they say it’s in a good place. HAHAHAHA.


That’s the thing about player created metas. They change too often to worry about.

Yeah, they’ve given up on balancing before they even started.

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half the people in global chat talk about lost arks release anyway, looks like this game killed itself.

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Idk why but the past few weeks any large scale pvp is impossible for me to play. None of my stuns work but I get stunned everytime and character just convulses. There’s a speed exploit being abused in opr and people just brag about abusing it in chat. And the last complaint I’m not sure what’s going on but I’ve ran up on some light armor users( and yes they are light because they are rolling ) they take absolutely no damage at all. Doesn’t matter how many heavy attacks and grav wells I put on them. They barely take noticeable damage and then crit so high they 3 tap me. Idk what BIS gear they have but it seems messed up

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Let me just correct you here - a significant minority of the player base. There can be hundreds on the server and still have issues filing an OPR.

yeah, a month or two ago it was never an issue filling OPR, infact not even that. It’s because of the meta people don’t want to play + annoying PvE brutes in a PvP game mode.

They also need to add some mitigation. On stuns, roots, heals and many other things.
OPR still needs the scoring fixed to properly reflect participation.
Healers get points for the amount of damage they do so why can’t DPS get points for the damage they do? Removed to combat bots is a crap excuse since they just setup to gather and build or just fight wolves instead.
Scoring 50 for knockdowns is crap when to just hit once and finish gives 150. Why not reward the people doing the attacking and damage more than those waiting for the finish?
OPR need 2 entrances to the forts.

It’s really bad that with the limited amount of PvP I do that there are so many things about it that makes me not want to do it more.

I am one of those that gets called a white knight alot.
Not sure why because there are many many things I think need fixed and get very annoyed because they don’t and don’t seem to care at times.


Anytime you aren’t with the mob fully hating they call you a white knight. Don’t fret.

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Ok, so i do share the opinion of others that the PvP is not in a good place right now. There are a lot of desync issues etc.

But I will defend the rapier, since it seems you have a lot of bad experiences with it. Riposte is a good skill, but the stun can be dodged every time, it just takes some practice, which you don’t seem to have. The riposte can be baited very easily as well. It rewards skillful playstyle and completely destroys the left click spam meta we used to have.

That is why people are gravitating towards skillful weapons, like spear, rapier.

I would suggest getting in some 1v1 duels to see how rapier users play. In that setting you will start to learn how the weapon works and how to counter it. More and more players are getting better and moving away from left klick spam as that get them killed very quickly, you have to think about your attacks now and cannot simply facetank-left click most of the time like it was back in the WH/GA meta days.

We had issues for at least a month before the merge filling OPR. After they merged to smaller servers with ours, we had them poppin back to back for hours. It was great. Even with the issues.
Now that another update is coming, people have taken another break or moved on. They are good during prime time for a while but die out fast.

Hoping everything goes smooth with the next update and I can get things done fast so I don’t miss much when I go to play Dying Light 2 in Feb.

Why exclusively PvP in a genre that is infamous for over 2 decades of inferior PvP. Or that uses PvP as a milking tool. Then complain about the nature of said genre.

Why not PvP in a dedicated PvP genre. That makes money from good PvP action.

What you guys are asking for in this genre simply don’t exist. Because it goes against the outdated concepts of this genre. Because this genre refused to evolve. Quite a few new genres was made. For the very thing you people are asking for here. And currently those new genres are much stronger then this genre.

This game is not a classic tab target mmo tho. It was made for PvP. Besides gear, it takes more elements from mobas and souls games than any mmo.

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Can we talk about how the guy in charge of weapon balancing (in the last dev vid) looked overly stressed and tired? I feel so bad for that guy.


This game takes very few elements from the Souls games. And absolutely none from MOBAS.

  • There are no equalized PvP.
  • Bugs and Exploits are left to completely ruin the game.
  • The combat system is more clunkier than ESO.
  • The chances are close to none to outskill a METAgaming player.
  • Balance across the board, is worst than the balance in P2W Koream MMOs like BDO.

I mean I could go on.

Noticed this last night. Queue time for an OPR was insanely long from what multiple people were saying. I didn’t queue, but going off what people from my company said and others on my server and this was prime time on the 3rd most populated NA East server. I think one said they were still in queue going on 40 mins.