Let's Talk About Wars

I have so many questions as to why a defending faction’s territory defense is far too easy.

Why are defenders allowed to spawn on flags? This makes absolutely no sense. They should never in any circumstance be able to spawn at a flag they are defending. It defeats the purpose if they die and instantly spawn right back where they died. Yes, there are spawn timers as time goes on, but shouldn’t they have to spawn at their base?

Why have the void gauntlet bugs and various other bugs not been hotfixed by now? I would much rather have hotfixes for these exploits people are using than wait 2 months for a patch. Here’s my favorite scenario. I’m attacking a void gauntlet user. They are near dead, by some miracle because vg does more damage than actual melee weapons. As I get close to getting the final hits, they teleport away using a lovely exploit that has not been fixed yet.

Large companies essentially run the servers with the amount of money they have. It costs entirely too much to craft a 600 GS weapon or armor to get an extra perk. All the large companies have 10 600GS items with 10 additional perks. THAT’S INSANE. They can buy out enough materials to fund their war defenses. Taxes are ridiculous.

There is absolutely no balance to wars. None.

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