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Okay I have been watching twitter over the last several days and playing the game as well as watching the hundreds of various threads and forum posts and things but this is the one thing that absolutely boggles my mind and I’m trying to understand. The idea being this post is aimed to be constructive and informative so please keep it that way but here’s my confusion and where I’m coming from:

Everyone is well aware that there was clearly a much larger demand in terms of player base than there was servers ready for players at launch. Throughout the last few days many new servers have been added to accommodate more players and more space for players to all get to play.

However, here’s what I fail to understand about that.

By adding more servers to get players into the game you are spreading out players and the majority of these players are going to be those that try the game and end up not playing for long or will take some of the transfer opportunities to move later. Creating more servers does nothing for players that want to play with friends, groups, companies or just simply don’t want to go somewhere else because they have already started progressing through the game on a different server.

Currently all of the servers are capped at 2000 and there have been (my count may be off) close to a total of 70+ servers added since launch. Going off of what I mentioned above in the coming months we will see dead servers happen. We will see player base drop and we will see the need for servers to be merged to save the bottom percentage of them.

So, instead of adding these MANY new servers… why not add some servers and increase server caps to 4000? 5000? This would solve a lot of the queue issues for MOST servers while giving empty new server options to those that wish to take them and it would build upon servers that are already existent instead of having to setup more and more new ones constantly.

This is what I do not understand and from a technical and hardware limitation standpoint, it also doesn’t make sense. Has anyone seen a reason why this hasn’t been the solution rather than just endlessly adding new servers?

It makes perfect sense from a technical standpoint. A single server cannot handle an infinite number of simultaneous clients. If there are too many clients, some will have to wait before their requests are processed, and that will cause delays. Initially we’re talking about milliseconds, but the more you increase the cap, the higher it will get, until we’re talking about maybe ~5 seconds. This much of a delay would be acceptable on some sites, but an MMO is a time-critical application, so delays over 100ms are absolutely unacceptable. Hence the lower limits.

If you’re talking about some other games where there are much higher limits, it’s one of 2 things:

  1. The game is designed to create a smaller impact on the servers. This depends on the features that the game has, so it may not be possible to take this route in NW.
  2. The game isn’t actually using a single server, but a bunch of them, and the players are moved between them seamlessly to balance the load (for example by adding a server switch every time you have a loading screen while teleporting somewhere).
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Because the game isn’t designed for that many people.
It isn’t a technical issue, it’s a gameplay issue.

The world isn’t endless and with the game launched two days ago, everyone will be in the same places doing the same quests, population is not distributed yet. There are already groups of 10-20 people camping bosses and quest objetives, you don’t want to multiply this or it will be unplayable.

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The servers are being pushed to their limits. Coming close to Everfall has my abilities lagging on appearance, and input delay increasing exponentially.

It’s both technical (NW is very intensive on both the server and client sides) and design (the zones are not designed to hold 2x+ the number that have them now).

In terms of the latter, it’s a question of mob and resource density and spawn rates. They could pump those up, like you see in some Korean MMOs where mobs are respawning almost as you kill them, but that would be a very different experience and it would be something they have never tested.

I expect that the caps will in fact be raised significantly after the rush is past us and the majority of the players are no longer crowded into the four starter territories. Once the players are more spread out across the entire game world, they can lift the caps without having the gameplay be destroyed. But, until then it’s not likely that the caps will come up by much … maybe 500 to 1k per server increase, but that’s likely about it until the initial rush is over and the players are more spread out across the zones and levels.

You currently have 90% of the population in 5 zones. Once people get spread out across the entire map, they will likely increase the server cap.

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Clearly there’s a better game experience, on a number of levels, with less people on a server.

But sure, let’s throw 10,000 people on, and lag the hell out of it, and have people complain.

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If it’s a gameplay issue, why let more than 2k characters be created on a server? They should put a limit on that. Instead, they have almost unlimited character creation on any given server and only 2k people can get in. This is pants-on-head stupid design.

If a concert sold 10k tickets to a concert and the venue only allowed 2k people in at a time, there would be a riot. This is no different.

The difference is that a concert is a discrete event, whereas this isn’t. The servers are supposed to last the life of the game, not just the launch rush. If they limited it to 2k creations to prevent launch queues, the servers would be empty most of the life of the game, and they would need to immediately merge servers like a month or two (if not a week or two) after the launch if not sooner because the server pops would be too small. And merges are no simple matter in this game, which features territory control that is expensive and time consuming.

The launch week is like one event, but the server persists, while a concert doesn’t. Totally different deal from a one-use thing like a concert or a plane ticket or the other analogies people are making.

The problem here is that the cap is very low per server for technical and design reasons alike – the game isn’t playable with more players crammed into the 4 starting territories. Once the players spread out more across the map, it is likely that the caps will be raised, perhaps quite a bit, and the issue relating to the launch rush will be resolved. Between now and then, though, is a rough time, I think.

Because once we’re past the first week of launch and everyone has calmed the farm about the game, the devs know that 100% of people won’t be logged in 100% of the time. Further, as the game population moves away from the starting areas, it will start to raise that cap. This is how you maintain healthy server populations. There might be pain here and there, but it’s textbook.

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Nah, I don’t accept that logic. It makes zero sense that you can create so many characters on a server and not accommodate most of them. I can go along with 2k max characters would be sparse but having so many that you have insane 4 digit queues is unacceptable and poor forethought.

Trying to say it isn’t analogous is BS too. I can say instead of a concert, a festival that lasts a month, or any number of things but it appears that people are too myopic and can’t utilize any kind of critical thinking. “Oh a concert is a one-time thing, this is totally different…”

Apologetics are out of control around here.

Please refer to Official Petition for Immediate Server Population Cap Increase

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