Level 10 for using chat

I have currently been playing mmorpgs for more than 30 years, I have played more than 300 games, all important and many that most of them would not even know, I think New World has a serious problem with the issue of selling gold and I understand that they are taking technical measures, to track certain transfers, depending on the amount, and you have changed to level 10 the power to transfer money.

But personally, I think that it should be raised to level 10 to be able to use the chat, currently the servers are flooded with spam from level 1 characters offering ads, which last about 10 minutes and are surely deleted, to create another,

Put a requirement of level 10 to be able to use the chat, it would not spoil the experience of the new players too much, and yet it would greatly complicate the operation of these companies since it is not the same to create a character in 5 minutes to copy and paste 20 times of a message and delete the character to have to get on every time … a character at level 10, to be able to talk in chat for 10 minutes, and again start over.

There is a limit where you can’t use chat for 72 hours on a new character.

I would recommend even more restric, cause bots gets level 10 so easy, i will put kind of level 20 around, because you only will need chat to look for party to amrine.

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